Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nobody asked me but ....

(with apologies to Bob Smizik)

I am just not a Noro fan. I joined a monthly knitting group yesterday. We're going to be working on Wrap Me Up for the better part of a year. (It is knit in blocks.) Of course, when one joins a "class" one purchases the materials at the host shop. I have no problem with this, however, since a self striping yarn was needed my choices were Noro's, Silk Garden, Kochoran, or Kureyon, or a discontinued (but lovely) Ella Rae. The Silk Garden and Kochoran put the project out of my price range, and though there was enough of the Ella Rae, the subdued colors made me think that I'd be sick of this project well before the year was out. I'm pretty tactile when I knit and Kureyon, as lovely as it is colorwise, is pretty rough. Please tell me it will soften up upon washing and blocking.....I know it's not Malabrigo...but just a wee bit softer. Anyone? I know I'm not good with progress photos, but I'll try and do better with this. Right now I'm working on the first block, a series of three mitered squares. Noro, of course, is just looking "loverly".

I've been trying to be "flexible" with this new administration, after all, they don't know where all the bathrooms are yet, but I find myself becoming horrified at the insensitivity. I'm beginning to get the feeling that the only thing that matters is what the "friends" think. (Please to define "friends" any way you wish (e.g., "friends who got you elected", "friends in the world community" (like Iran? eep!), "friends in congress", etc.). Bi-partisian, my big hairy butt (BHB).

Bruce the "Boss" is coming to town in May. It was just announced yesterday. I nearly died when I heard the price of the tickets. As most of the rest of the country, we're belt tightening: while no one is talking "layoffs" (higher ed is thought to be "recession proof"), we have a hiring freeze, it will probably be extended to faculty soon. Salaries have been frozen, so no cost of living increase. We're running programs on thinner and thinner shoestrings. But we're supposed to pay $175 for tickets, with probably a dose if his political ideology as a side dish. One hundred and seventy five clams for tickets in a recessive economy! Working man's band my BHB! Anyone want to bet he'll sell out? (As an aside, Bruce would have to pay me to go to his concert. Not my type of music.)

I'm losing my mind. Not too long ago I saw a blog post that described a knitting book that looked interesting to me. I can usually find the book even if I don't remember the title if I browse Knitpicks or Amazon. No such luck this time. I can't even remember why it attracted me. Have no idea what this means, but I'm annoyed with myself.

As with knitting projects I usually have multiple books going at one time. I have an audio of the Seduction of Water, which I'm enjoying immensely, and I picked up Twilight to see what all the fuss is about. And I have to say...I don't get the Twilight thing. When I read the Potter books, I "got it". It was clear why they appealed to people. This, I'm not getting. Maybe it's the vampire theme. I was never a fan of Rice's books either. I'll read the series, but other more interesting things will probably come and go in between.


Bezzie said...

Yeah Bruce is a little too "Jersey" for me. I can't endorse him because I feel like I'd be selling out my Alaskan roots. Hee hee!

Noro's pretty for the colors, and that's about it. I would never knit anything with it that I would have to wear against sensitive skin. I am knitting a sock out of their sock yarn...but my feet aren't sensitive.

Mag said...

I bought some Kuryon and Silk Garden back when I didn't know any better. I started to knit a hat out of the Silk Garden and it kept pulling apart. I gave all my Noro away. I love the colors but I can't deal with the scratch and the loose twist. (Do they spin it or just smoosh it together?)

Always hated Springsteen. Even back in the day when they played it over and over again at stoner parties. Hated it. Too much like Dylan. However, I can read the lyrics of both artists and I think they are great American poets. That I'll grant them. Their politics? Well, no conservative ever was a big selling rock star. Defy the machine, man! Forget that the dems are part of the machine, man! LOL!

kemtee said...

I don't get the Noro love. I don't care for the surprise color switching, and don't like the feel or the price. I suppose this simply leaves more for those who "get it." That's fine. I'll take their leavings.

Bipartisan is defined as "all of your votes are belong to us." Then you're patted on the head and called bipartisan. Simple as that.

Bruce Springsteen has been on my "F" list since "Born to Run." I don't get screamers. If you can't sing, please don't. Or at least don't record it.

I don't get Potter, either.

Boy, I'm further out of the mainstream than I thought.