Wednesday, January 31, 2007

If only....

....I could add up all the rows I've knit (and frogged) on my Hanging Garden's Stole (Harding pattern), I'd be halfway done.

Maybe I am just not cut out to knit lace.

I have no pictures because.....well, there is nothing to photograph when it keeps getting frogged.


What it is they say? Third time's a charm?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Furious and well....

... not exactly fast.

I finally finished the socks I'm giving to my mom for Christmas....Merry Christmas Mom!! They are just a vanilla recipe, made from Knit Picks Dancing in Two Step I think. My mom has delicate tootsies, so I'm hoping these won't make her feet "burn".

Heinz Bear would also like to show you the mobius scarf I just finished, for me, from Ellyn Cooper's Sonnet in gold patina. I am having a love affair with the mobius scarf. I'm finding that it is a very comfortable scarf to wear, and as a bonus, tons of fun to knit!

Here' s a simple purl ridge mobius with an I-cord bind off. Makes the edges much neater than just a loose bindoff.

The close up is a better representation of the colors and you can see the gold that is spun through the yarn. The funny thing is the yarn is 98% wool, and 2% gold patina. I'd love to make something bigger with it, but it is rather expensive (though I did get it on sale), and I don't think I could talk myself into making that kind of investment.

Lastly, here is a Chicknits Bucket Hat made with Patons SWS. Those of you familiar with

Patons SWS will realize that these colors are a tad too saturated. I couldn't seem to get them right even with Photoshop. Also SWS has unique felting "issues". It felts like a wild thing. This hat was as big as one of those Dr. Seuss hats when it went in and in FIVE (count'em 5) minutes was felted to this size. I would have prefered a shorter brim, but sheesh.....If you look at the previous post you can see what happened the last time I tried that. I tweaked B-Marie's pattern to accommodate this, but perhaps not enough. So there you have it....knitting content at last. Feels good!

Monday, January 08, 2007


...have a photo of a FO to post. I am experimenting with my new digital camera. This photo is of a reversible bead knitted bracelet. There are things I would do differently, but for for the moment "is gut" (as my Amish friends would say).

The slide clasp is 14K gold filled and cost a [relative] fortune. This is knitted using two colors of size 5 Miyuki triangle beads, so you're not seeing things. The gold beads really are dark on one side and light on the other. I also added off white Miyuki teardrops (also known as tiny tims) for pattern interest.

The odd crystal thing on the one end is a Swarovski button. This bracelet started out life with a knitted buttonhole that one could slip the button through. (I was struggling like crazy to NOT have to buy that damn slide clasp.) Alas, it just wasn't durable, and I had to struggle to put the piece on to wear it, the buttonhole was either too big or two tight etc., etc., etc., . So over the New Year's weekend. I picked it apart and added the slide clasp and now, I'm way happier. I left the buttons (one on each side) just for fun.

I have other FOs, including THREE of b-marie's felted bucket hats. They are all completely different, and not all successful, as the bear in the photo will attest. Cell phone photo, so please forgive the grainy nature of the picture.

I know I have some 'splainin' to do as to how a woman who can successfully felt a flamingo can turn a bucket hat into a WWI helmet.

Wait until you see the other two hats.