Thursday, December 22, 2011

Signing Off

Signing off for 2011...Can hardly believe it!

If I were a slick blogger I'd have some fancy schmancy tree or ornament photo to put here--but I'm not so I don't.

Instead I'll leave you with this.

Watching it gives me the chills.....Another secret out...I'm a LOTR geek. Srsly. They are the only movies I've seen in theaters in a decade...(oops, is that another secret?)

December 2012

JUST. CAN'T. WAIT! (Listen to that dwarf song....!!)

So everyone have a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year see yunz in 2012.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thank you knitting elves.....

 Plain vanilla pattern, fancy cotton/wool yarn!!

By some miracle, the final toe was kitchenered yesterday morning, and they didn't have time to even be "blocked flat". Immediately into the box, wrapped, then on to the post office. I finished knitting the foot in the wee hours of Monday morning. No I didn't stay up to finish knitting, I was up for another reason, and found it convenient since I needed to finish knitting anyway.

Whew. I'm now making a(nother) pair of Fuzzy Feet for DH (by request, with more Steeler gold than last time), but I'm neither worried nor in a hurry. He gets 'em when he gets 'em. I know where he lives. I'm now working on Christmas cards. Again, not worried whether they get there before Christmas. Afterward will be just dandy with me.

Where's the wine?

P.S. And notice the other Christmas miracle in the photo.....the striping pattern matches exactly and I didn't even have to work at it. (And here's what I dufus I am. I didn't even look at the ball band and  was shocked when I saw the fair isle striping appearing. I bought it because I like the way the colors looked in the ball. Duh.)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Some things I think, I think....

  1. And on it goes.....
    I got a little bit of a snarky thrill, when I heard that Sandusky waived his prelim at the 11th hour. (I had been wondering about that myself, why bother?) However, to let the town of Bellefonte (Bell-font - see the last item) get their town knickers in a knot: bring in law enforcement - from the state police to off duty corrections officers; cover over the courtroom windows to discourage peepers; cordon off parking for the media; then allowing everyone to gather, only to walk away, can you say passive aggressive? Well, as far as the media goes, I was delighted to see them get their just desserts. The legal system will grind along with or without 'em, and I'd prefer without. From what I know of the man professionally, this is classic Amendola. He does everything "by the book", takes his time, and lets the prosecution run themselves ragged. I know of one case where the defendant wanted the issue resolved, but Amendola counselled patience, and the outcome was was better than expected.I also think this may have been a little payback for how they re-arrested Sandusky last week (appeared at his home with a warrent, perp walk etc.) Rather, in most rearrest cases, the attorney is notified by the police and they ask that the client surrender at a certain time. There may have been a bit of grandstanding..... It cost the town (pop: roughly 6,000), about $21,000 for the 5 minute circus. Can't wait for the trial. (NOT!)
  2. Don't let the door hit you on the way out....
    Finals week. Students are leaving. This town needs the rest.
  3.  The lawyer....
    One of the questions that I keep hearing people ask, and that I see people write in comments, is the self-righteous comment "How can he sleep at night (meaning the lawyer)?" Let me say for the record that Joe Amendola is well liked in the community. He is active in civic affairs, he's an Elk,  he participates in charitable causes (probably the Second Mile among others), he closed his office for four days when a neighbor experienced a tragic and unexpected death in his immediate family, so he could focus on helping. And here's the kicker, law enforcement LIKES him. I quote, "He's just doing his job. He's a "good guy", from a law enforcement acquaintance when the question was posed to him. What would the collective you rather? That we operate like Iran, and we just execute someone because he's creepy, or is accused of doing creepy things? I'm sure that's fine until it's you or someone you love. For the record defense attorneys do (should) not lie. They need to go into a courtroom to tell the judge and jury that you are not guilty, and will avoid your confession at all costs. Any evidence the defendant offers must be shared with the prosecution. So it's a no win, unless a plea deal is the outcome. That's how he sleeps at night.
  4. Knitting Elves!!
    I'm officially issuing a plea for an appearance of the knitting elves, along with the shopping elves, and decorating elves. Holy cow. I'm so far behind, I don't know what to think. Would it be so bad to send my mom one sock with an IOU?