Wednesday, January 11, 2006

So this is Blogging?

I keep asking myself, why do I want to share my thoughts/ideas/adventures with the world.....possibly the universe, that is if we keep in mind that there might be (more) intelligent life out there. I'm certainly not that interesting.

And so I try and justify it. For example, I'm a computer science faculty, I should stay on the cutting edge of technology. I've been a journal writer for years, which may surprise folks who know me personally, or think they do, and this is just a natural extension of that. I find the voyeur in me tickled by looking in on other folk's lives, so perhaps I should return the favor.

All true and yet, I suppose the sum total of my musings is that I'd just like to see who finds their way to this vanity piece, and to see how it all works. Also I'd like to share my handwork triumphs and tragedies with those who really might give a hoot. The Steelers are, for the moment, in the playoffs so I'm getting no traction at home.

Let's see how this goes.