Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Time to catch up.

I've been a bad blogger. I'd like to promise I'll be better, but nah....not happening.

Here's what did happen:

I finished another Mindy Ross pattern, Giggle with a Jiggle.

It was great fun to knit. Right up to the last section (green) when finally, and unexpectedly, I had enough, and just busted through it. This was also knit in the lovely Shibui linen. This is a photo that is unblocked. I gave it a good soaking and hard blocking and the eyelets opened up even more. I used lime/copper lined triangle beads, nearly 100 grams of the buggers, and I really love it. I'll probably wear it rather soon, even though the weather here is quite cold.

I also took some time to do some beading this past holiday. This is the first time I've used traditional beading techniques, since I busted up my shoulder in 2013. I found I missed it and ordered the supplies to work on a few more:

I bought the components for these back in November 2013, then was injured and unable to work them. I then injured my wrist 9 months later and that ended my beading career for the entirety of 2014.

Now, finally, I have the ability to get back to it and I'm trying to make up for lost time.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

The Summer in Review....there may have been some knitting....

Let's start in late May. I went to Atlanta with two colleagues, and presented with one. The highlight however, was this:
This is a sea dragon from the Georgia Aquarium. What a fabulous place! Go. Just. GO. If you have the opportunity.

June, found me finishing Dangling Conversation (info in a previous post) by Mindy Ross done in a wonderful Shibui linen yarn. You may have seen this earlier.

June also found me on a crocheted beaded bangle kick. I was getting ready for a class that was ultimately cancelled. But I couldn't stop making bracelets.

See what I mean? I Simply couldn't stop. These are 6/0 beads, and tatting thread. The lamp work bead was purchased years ago in a bead store in Mountain View California.

I have been working on Showoff Stranded Socks for a Christmas gift. For some reason I had trouble with the pattern, even though it isn't that complicated. Just one of those things I guess. It has a different gusset than I've used before, and I think I like it.....if only I could get it right.

The yarn is Cascade in Heritage Paint Colors.
I don't know why it is so dark but I'll post a better photo when the pair is finished.

 Finally this.
They are building a 12 story building RIGHT NEXT DOOR. My view is being destroyed. The only people happy about this are the construction workers, and the tax collectors. The rest of us are totally depressed. My view of the Old Main Bell Tower is very nearly gone already. This is progress?

Friday, September 11, 2015

Never, Ever Forget....

.... this is my Pearl Harbor.

In case you need a reminder, here's the newly dedicated Flight 93 Memorial,

And a victim who escaped:

Tilly's Story

Even 15 years later, I remember the day - especially how blue the sky was. Today, there are too many fluffy white clouds in the sky to mimic that day. It was solid stunning blue.

Our lives changes irreparably after this day, and continue to evolve, and not in a good way. Our children have no idea how different their lives would be if this event had not occurred.

Never forget.  

Monday, June 29, 2015

And there's more....

......I am not LYS monogamous. Sorry about that Cynthia.  

I get regular emails from a lovely LYS near my mom called Gosh Yarn It. They will occasionally send emails describing new yarns and projects. They are totally inspiring to me. Last time I visited, I had just received a link to the following blog posting:

New Yarns

Take a look at their version of Dangling Conversion.

I went immediately and purchased the Shibui Linen, in caffeine and "a color I can't remember" and made this!

It is light and airy and lovely. It was an easy knit, and would be great gift knitting. This version does not have the beads described in the original pattern. I don't think beads add to the design. (And for me to say that, is something.) The only advice I could give is that if you are using two colors, use the color you prefer to cast on. I would have wanted the orangey color to be more of the piece. But I couldn't tell which was which from the original pattern or the altered pattern.

Am I susceptible or what!

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Bad, Bad Oyster

Another FO is a Bad Oyster that was finally for me. As always, I knit a shop sample for a class first, then I knit another and gifted it for Christmas. NOW at long last I have one for me, this one made from Wollmeise, blend. This is a delightful blend of wool, cashmere, and polyamide. It is soft, snuggly and the color Himbeere (which I have no idea what that means in German) is intense. And remarkably it hardly bled at all when I gave it a bath, to straighten out the fringe.

 I can highly recommend this pattern. If you just want low stress steeking, this is the pattern for you. I did make one change, and that is I added about an inch and a half of seed stitch at the top to eliminate the rolling (you can see the roll on the pattern photos on Ravelry). So mine isn't such a Bad Oyster after all - it has purls.I'm not a big fan of rolling, and the seed stitch put a stop to it. I can't wait until Fall to wear it....did I really just write that I can't wait until Fall? I must be crazy.

Thursday, June 04, 2015

New Knitting At Last...

Throughout all the turmoil of the previous 5 months, I kept knitting...and knitting. Here's my THIRD, and probably last Color Affection. The first was for me, the second was a shop sample for my class, the third is a wild version that I really love. 

This is Rhichard Devrieze fingering weight yarn. The colors are pink, multi, and orange. They had really cutesy names, which I just simply cannot remember. It was really hard to get a clear photo of the colors. I tried with this closeup. I really loved knitting with this yarn. I can highly recommended.

Though the colors are electric, I can wear it with nearly anything. I really liked knitting it. But I think three is over my limit. There's more but tomorrow is another day.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sorry I've been away...

Yikes, I can't wait until this year is over. Why you may ask?

Let me say, I lead a small life. I have a small group of friends here (mostly knitters). We don't have a large extended  family, which has decreased in size for reasons I will not get into. And none of our families live nearby. But that's OK. I'm fine with my small world.

How is it then that in my small world, I've lost 4 important people in 5 months. First my father-in-law in January, then my uncle, my Dad's last surviving brother, in February. Then his spouse, my aunt, 38 days later. The only thing that keeps this from being tragic, is because all of these folks were in their 90s. They had all lived good, long, productive lives and were deteriorating physically. It was just that we barely recovered from one death that another was on your heels. Exhausting.

Then the real tragedy, on the morning of May 12th at 7:30am, my cell phone rang. This is not a usual occurrence. Not many people have my cell phone number. I didn't recognize the phone number and nearly didn't answer. But I took a chance, and heard one of the owners of my LYS calling (at 7:30!!). She was calling to tell me that Kim, her partner in the store, had died the evening before. A tremendous chill ran down my spine. She was calling her teachers so they were not blindsided by the email she was preparing to send later in the day. Thank goodness she did.  Kim was only 43 years old. She had no known health issues. She was a dynamic artist, an author, and tremendous person. Her quilting designs were sublime. Everyone loved her. She, her partner, and another teacher were to meet for dinner at a local restaurant, Kim and the other teacher arrived first and Kim just collapsed. Two nurses were there having dinner and began resuscitation immediately. The EMTs were there within moments, to no avail. I'm still stunned, and sad. Her partner is forging ahead, and we're all trying to help in any way that we possibly can. The only thing it made me think, was to make the most of each and every day. You just never know.

Kim would want me to post something lovely. That's who she was. I'll keep the knitting for later.....for now, my contribution to the online art exhibit in her honor: