Monday, May 19, 2008

Still no FO's

.... working on it though. I did hear from my local yarn shop that Cynthia got me another skein of Claudia's Handpaint to try and finish the Crest of the Wave scarf I've been pooping along on. It's just pooping along because I'm beading as I go, and damn, not only does this pattern "eat" yarn, the beading pattern I've selected is "eating" beads. So I'm going to have to order a kilo or two from Fire Mountain to finish. I should get a photo of the work in progress, it is very cool, but way more fancy than I originally thought. This is going to be one heavy scarf.

ETA: I just got back from the LYS and the Claudia Handpaint is COMPLETELY different then the skeins I have. It's like they're two different yarns. And it's not even like one has more blue or more pink. This yarn is loaded with black and very, very light blue/gray.

I'm also moving along on the Ribbi Cardi. I'll be finished with the body, which is knit in one piece, maybe tonight, and can start on the neck and sleeves. I suspect that it won't take me too long and will get the heavy wool off my lap.

Of course, heavy wool is perfect for the 20 degrees below average temperatures we're getting. Not to mention the S.N.O.W. that I had to brush off my car last Monday. Yes, last Monday, May 12th. I am not joking. I was traveling to a another campus, and when I went out at the crack of dawn the car had snow on it. Bah! If anyone sees any of that there global warming, please send it in our direction. My few plants are gonna freeze.

But yesterday hot damn, "Elvis left the building"(apologies to Mike Lang)! And where was I? In my car...traveling east to west across the middle of the state, where I couldn't get a radio broadcast of the game to save my life! (Other than the repent or go to hell types. Which always seem to come in loud and clear. Can this be a coincidence?) And it was on NBC. And I missed it. We don't have Versus (no digital cable), so we haven't been able to actually see any of the games. We listen to the radio broadcasts so it's a little like being Amish--except for the bad words my DH yells at the radio. I've never heard an Amish person curse, but they may do it in PA Dutch and I wouldn't know anyway.(Why pay more to see more, for the most part, bad TV? Turner Classic Movies excepted.) On the positive side we got to hear the incomparable Mike Lang call the games, so it isn't all that bad. ("Get in the fast lane grandma, the bingo game is ready to roll.....!") So it was a treat to have the game be broadcast on a network. On another note, my mother also doesn't have digital cable, but she gets Versus....what's up with this?

Anyway, it was great to see them win. They've been playing really well, and they're a great group of guys...very, very young, but for 43 year old Gary Roberts. But as one of the news writers from Pittsburgh pointed out, you wouldn't mind your son or daughter emulating any of these guys-no steroid scandals, no child support issues, no arrests, not even any DUIs (probably because so many are not old enough to drink yet). No dirt anywhere. It will probably happen sometime, but not yet. Pretty remarkable.

Go Pens!! Enjoy that dance with Lord Stanley!