Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Yoi and double yoi!

When I changed jobs I lost access to a digital camera (which I used to borrow to take digital photos). My new position has one, however, the office has lost the CD to install the software to manage the camera. Sigh.

Consequently, I've not been posting since I can't show off my completed lozenge sock from Vintage Socks, my Tendrils wrap from Knitty, my bead knitted bracelets. I'm currently working on three projects, all for Christmas gifts: a ruffles scarf from Scarf Style with Brooks Farm silk/merino yarn (my all time favorite yarn I think); a Liesel scarf with Knit Picks Elegance in lilac, which I think is a fun knit; and the lozenge mate in Trekking XXL. The lozenge sock takes so much yarn, that I had to ask my LYS, Stitch Your Art Out to try and find another skein, which they did (bless them) in the same dye lot even. It looks like I'll have enough for the lozenge pair and a smaller, shorter pair when I'm done.

So where knitting is concerned, I'm afraid this will be a photoless entry, at least for the moment.

I can show you some of what I did on vacation though...we went here.

That's PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Not the best team in baseball, but the best ball park. Even if the game isn't good the view is always delightful. That is a view of the Majestic, one of the Gateway Clipper fleet that runs the three rivers, passing under the Roberto Clemente Bridge. That bridge is the main thoroughfare to the ballpark, and is turned into a pedestrian walkway before and after all games.

As luck would have it, the Sunday we were there was Stitch and Pitch day and I had no idea! I would have remained blissfully unaware except during the 7th (or so) inning one of the publicity interns (those poor students who get to do all the bizarre stunts for an internship--what did you do on your summer vacation? I got to dress like Oliver Onion and run in pierogie races!) interviewed some of the women who were sitting and stitching. My sock, alas, remained safely enscounced in our car downtown (across the bridge).

To the wonderful folks who made comments about Franco Flamingo, I spent a few days with my mom when she was having a cataract removed about a month ago and took him with me to cheer her up. (Who in the world can't smile when they see him?) She tried to convince me to go through with my plan to give him as a gift. She was pretty convincing. So much so that I purchased the yarns to make another. Still can't give him up. I don't know if I'll get to it for Christmas, but perhaps an April birthday. I don't know for sure, but I'm pretty behind where I was a year ago in my Christmas knitting.

Also my cellulitis cleared up fairly quickly. My sister a critical care nurse, who is highly allergic to some insect bites and gets cellulitis every time she encounters a "green head" fly, suggested Ivarest for the itching. It is like calamine (sp?) lotion in cream form-very thick and gooey, but it worked and I stopped scratching my skin off.

Thanks for the comments. I'm actually amazed.
I'll try to be more diligent in the future.

P.S. Anyone from Pittsburgh, and environs, will understand the implications of the title of this post.