Monday, January 26, 2009

Update and last!

Mother-in-law update. I spoke to her yesterday afternoon, and after an unexpected extra night's stay, she got home around 11:00am yesterday (Sunday) morning. I spoke to her around 4:00pm and with God as my witness, she sounded perkier, and more upbeat that I did. Remarkable for someone who spent 2 nights in a hospital. The one institution where getting what one usually needs most (rest) is nearly impossible. She was experiencing no discomfort, and was tickled by how amazed everyone on the staff she encountered couldn't believe her age. She is now considering getting those "skin plumping" creams to try and minimize some of her wrinkles. All righty then..... moving on.

Here is the headband I started, I don't know how many times, there were so many.

I like the way it looks....(though there are mistakes that are not obvious), but it is hard for me to wear.

I also learned a few interesting tidbits. DO NOT try and do stranding fair isle on DP needles. It is technically possible, of course, but it is a major PIA if the needles are just a little short. Stick with a circ and your life will be much happier.

It is hard for me to wear because I have to slide it over my head, and then up UNDER my hair. I have shorter hair these days and the size of the band pushes the hair up in back. I'm thinking the button and narrowing of Calorimetry is much better for me.

I also finished Morgan. Photo shoot to follow. My DH who is on thin ice, rejected it however, because he is "uncomfortable" with the varigated yarn I used. Sheesh. Men!


Mag said...

Contrary to popular belief that all elders are grouchy, some of them get right cheerful in extreme old age. I know an elder woman who works at a local dept. store, (80 and on her feet!) and I ask her how her day is going and she replies, "Great! Any day I wake up, is a good day!"

Still transmitting all those good thoughts for your MIL. Recovery is sometimes a little tedious.

Bezzie said...

I'm glad your MIL bounced back. I hope I'm that bouncy when I'm that old.

Nice headband. But I'm with you, I'm a Calorimetry girl all the way.