Thursday, June 21, 2012

May I just say.....


Spread the word.....I think the Olympic Committee needs a few knitted muzzles.

ETA: I sent the following to their "customer service" (donation) address:

While never having participated in a "Ravelympics" I think your lawyers have gone one step beyond the pale........Yes, I know they're on retainer. Yes, I know they need to keep themselves busy, but really. REALLY? You, the USOC, are making yourselves look like the jackasses you apparently are.

Well, here's the reality - not only will I
NOT EVER consider making a donation to our fine athletes, I'm going to ban them from our home. And I'm going to make sure to let NBC (read: sponsors) know. 

Thanks for freeing up my summer.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Is blogging passe?

Seems to be. "Friends", and I mean that sincerely, who I've followed for some time seem to have slipped off the face of the earth. I'm hoping that it means they are doing well and have found satisfaction in "real" life.

Then I looked at the last time I posted....yikes! Nearly a month ago. I can only speak for myself, but gads I've been busy. I've spent more time traveling than I have in a long time. Both business and personal, and boy howdy, I'm tired. I'm out of town four more days this week and early next, and then I think I can "rest" for awhile.

Here's a sample:

 This is the Washington Monument (no kidding, huh?) at dusk from the WWII Memorial.

I was at a conference in Washington DC, and because I was alone, and pretty far (15 minute walk, on crazy, busy streets) from the White House and Mall, I hopped one of those touristy, double decker tour buses. I was hesitant at first, but I was glad I did. I got to see all of the memorials that I wanted to, save one.

While I was there I did a little house shopping for Mitt and Ann and ran across this little fixer-upper.

It even comes with it's own security system. Enlarge the photo and you can see that "system" peering though a telescope on the left side of the flag. Probably looking for the Mr. Softee truck.

Look down in front. There is a group of Salvadorans in front having their photo taken. They looked absolutely tickled.

This was a tour of the lighted monuments and, to me, the most striking was this one:

Maybe because I most admire Abraham Lincoln, his taste in vice presidents not withstanding. To me walking up to this memorial took my breath away.

The FDR memorial was, frankly, stunning too. And I really wanted to see the Vietnam Veteran's Wall (having a decorated Vietnam combat medic in my family and all). However, by the time we arrived (just across from the Lincoln Memorial), it was simply too dark, and it isn't lighted very well. I think there should be some kind of dramatic lighting for a black wall. But I suppose there are more important things. It was the weekend after Memorial Day, and it certainly wasn't too dark to see the the wreaths and notes propped against the wall. It was rather chilling.

On the knitting front, I'm still working on my Jellyfish. Coming along nicely, but I had to stop, in my travels, and purchase some more Filigran.  Luckily the store where I made the original purchase still had one skein. Now with my luck, I won't need it. Sigh.

I'm also working on yet another Wingspan. I'm teaching a Wingspan class next week (and a beaded bracelet class in late summer), and need to have an in-progress sample to show. (I guess I don't HAVE to, but it's the instructor in me.) This one is going to have wrapped stitches, no holes, and I'm making it wider. It's going to be the same "Tropical Fish" color, because I had a partial skein left over (and yes, bought yet another).  I'll probably give the first one to my mom.

There more, but, I figured I had to walk the walk before I complain about "other people".

And yes, the "TRIAL", began with jury selection last week, and [horrifying] testimony is being taken as of yesterday. As a (trusted) state police source says, this is no slam dunk, though it seems like it should be.