Sunday, December 29, 2013

Remarkably MORE of the same.

Stunningly we lost another member of the extended family. 

In three weeks:

16 year old 2nd cousin to suicide
Cousin succumbs after a 13 year battle with breast cancer.
27 year old 2nd cousin dies after working out, while visiting her parents for Christmas. Apparently a brain aneurysm.


The family is stunned. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Progress report


It has been three weeks since I knit. Every now and again I pick up my sock to see if I can manage. I can't, yet. Saw the doc on Thursday and everything is copacetic, but that only means; 1) no healing is visible on the x-ray yet; 2) the bone is nicely aligned; 3) I must refrain from using my arm for FOUR, count'em FOUR MORE WEEKS.  And this is NORMAL. 

Life here is not. The extended family lost a 16 year old to suicide, and a close cousin succumbed to breast cancer after a brilliant 13 year battle. It was one of those sad blessings. Lots of prayer here in the Knitnbead house this season. 

These things also put my whining about four weeks into perspective.

I hope whoever is still reading this has a blessed Christmas, and healthy and joyous New Year. 

Maybe I'll be typing with both hands soon. And if anyone has a suggestion for a good iPad dictation app (not Siri), I'm listening!

Thursday, December 05, 2013

I wish I had better news.

Here we are the first week of December and all that remains of my Christmas knitting is about 3/4 of a sock for my Mom. Last Saturday I received my bead order for the makins' for the traditional beaded ornament for my sister-in-law. Apparently, I got too cocky. 

Monday I slipped on some ice and broke my shoulder. In case you've never been so "lucky", let's just say it is painful. Good news: it is my non-dominant arm. Bad: it doesn't seem to matter. All movement is painful. I certainly can't do fine beadwork, but I'm hoping I may be able to knit again soon. I'm an English style knitter, so most of the work is done by my right hand. But I'm still at the don't move under pain of surgical intervention phase, and frankly not even the pain meds are working very well.

Well, enough one handed typing for now. I need to lie down........