Friday, January 23, 2009

This is how I want to be....

On December 27th we celebrated my mother-in-law's birthday. She turned 90. Now I read a lot of postings and board messages about evil in-laws and how much trouble they cause etc. But I'm here to tell you, I won the in-law sweepstakes. My in-laws are golden-even, for the most part, the siblings and spouses. So here is a photo of dear Marcella, celebrating her 90th at a local watering hole. (Please note that she is surrounded by wine and champagne. I promise only one of those is hers.)

Doesn't she look great? And, though she says her memory isn't what it used to be (who's is?), she's sharp and connected.

Here she is checking out the pearl bracelet we had made to match the long strand of pearls around her neck. (We stumbled across that pearl strand a few years ago and gave it to her for Mother's Day. She wears it alot because there is no clasp.) Because she has difficulty manipulating clasps, we had our jeweler replace the traditional lobster claw with a magnetic clasp and add a guard chain. It is perfect.

Before we left the house she asked me if she should wear the pearls. "Oh yes, indeed", I said. "Definitely!"

Today this dear lady is having surgery - for breast cancer. Her younger sister died as a result of breast cancer over thirty years ago. As you can imagine we are all concerned about the effect of general anesthetic on a person of this age, and I'd appreciate positive thoughts and prayers, or whatever is your habit, for Marcella. She's kind of like a Timex. Takes a lickin' and keeps on ticking. But you can't have too many positive thoughts.


Mag said...

Good thoughts in transit for your lovely MIL.

Kaye said...

Wow, she certainly doesn't look 90 at all!!! Good luck to her today! (This is Bezzie posting under her real name b/c she's too lazy to log in as Bezzie.)