Thursday, March 19, 2009

Long tyme coming...

Those of you who work, are probably subjected to yearly reviews. I've never known anyone who actually enjoys the exercise, but in my experience, if you've been doing your job reasonably well and have stayed out of trouble it should be a relatively minor experience. At least for me, that has been the case. Until now. I am in a department, where the standard review form (which turned into a nightmare in and of itself about 8 years ago in the name of the possibility of advancement, though I don't know any case that has actually had it work), has been morphed to fulfill some seemingly random needs of the PBT, every year for the past three years. What this means is that I have no template from which to work. Hence my silence. I've been trying to determine what the sam hill I'm supposed to do THIS year, so that I do not have to "rewrite" the self-evaluation portion, umpteen times, as I have in the past. I'm, frankly, out of patience. Especially since this is a meaningless exercise (there will be no increases this year, not even cost of living), and there is no chance of advancement. That's OK with me. I'm looking to retire young. Well, that is if the stock market cooperates pretty soon.

Since I'm already unpopular I might as well say this....over the past two months, I've seen and heard many, in most cases valid, criticisms of this new administration. (So many, so soon, and some so serious, it is beginning to take my breath away. But what would one expect from a politician who could measure his federal senatorial experience in days.....But that's another post.) Some of these are from individuals who admittedly didn't vote for The ONE or the other, but a third party candidate. Now here's the unpopular part--are ya ready? Voting third (or fourth, or fifth) party, under these particular circumstances was plainly just a vote for the ONE. Maybe not technically, but that is the effect. Folks we are an entrenched TWO party system. I know some folks don't like that, but until someone starts a "traditional" or "centrist" party for the rest of us, that's the way it is going to stay. (And to be honest, I'm not sure it bothers me all that much, but I've not thought it all the way through, so ...that's all I can say about that.) But I deal in realities. And the reality is that if you don't vote for the major party candidates, I'm only referring to the federal level here, you are voting for the candidate who has the most popular support. That's it. Period. Does that mean you can't criticize, absolutely not! And I would defend your right to vote for anyone you want at any time. But waxing poetic about how the populace is getting what they asked for is a little disingenuous. If you didn't vote for the "other" guy/gal, you're complicit in a minor way. Sometimes, until our system changes, you have to hold your nose and vote for your own version of the lessor of two evils. You can't expect everyone else to do the heavy lifting.

And to end on an upbeat note, before I go back to slamming my head against the desk:

You may remember these socks. Or not. Anyway, these were a gift for my mom. Now in the subsequent 2 years I've made her another pair or two, but they were not the plain jane vanilla. (When not knitting socks she's gotten scarves, hats, and other items, so not to worry she is pretty well covered in wool.) I've made her Monkeys and others from Socks that Rock or Cherry Tree Hill etc. Both light weight, fingering yarns. So what does she tell me when I'm home? That they're too "thick". She absolutely LOVES the Knit Picks socks (they're cotton/wool/nylon). She loves them so much she wears them TWO days in a row without washing them. (I know TMI.) I took her to try on a pair of shoes, and she told the shoe salesman that I made her "these socks". Yoi! He asked if I'd make some for him, but I told him he'd have to be family. Sigh..... She asked if I "had any more of this yarn". Why yes mother, indeed I do. So no more fancy pants socks for my mother.

My MIL, on the other hand, loves her fancy pants socks.........

Friday, March 06, 2009

A little ray of sunshine...

Waldorf School lends hand to its pupils

And check out the [what looks like a] scarf in the foreground!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

On my GOD!!

This is very scary!

What's next? Animal House disguised as universal health care?

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

And here's Ribby!

And a bad photo no less. Does it look too big? Can you tell? I know I look like the wreck of the Hespers, but cut me a break. I'm just back from spinning class...yes, spinning. One of the few exercise classes that fulfill my requirements - efficient and intense. The only dawdling around I like to do when it comes to exercise is yoga. Otherwise, I need quick and done. I'm lazy with the attention span of a flea when it comes to exercise. Also I made a strategic error in allowing the camera to focus for me, and then stepping back. Confused it. But anyway, see how it doesn't "nip" in at the waist at all. I think it should. I DO have a waist.

Here is a side photo and you can see that it sways out in back. Right? Yes, I'm pulling it slightly, but just so you can see the "roominess". Anyway, this is a seamed garment, that I knit in the round (yes, decreasing the edge stitching etc.) However, I think I just knit the wrong size. So my LYS owner is a whiz with scissors, and she will help me cut and seam if I decide to. In effect, steek where there was not meant to be a steek.

I need opinions, what say you? I'll try to retake the photos tonight and do a better job. Also I was getting the "change my batteries idiot" sign, so the flash might have been wacky. I do not make any guarantees about the model's clothing or hair style.