Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Keeping my fingers crossed!

It's been a long and crazy year. I was so despondent (and had trouble typing) with a broken right wrist, so soon after being discharged from therapy with my shoulder, that I couldn't imagine what I could possible say. Yet again, I had to suspend my knitting, but also I couldn't do anything that I needed my DOMINANT hand to do. Signing documents, typing, using a computer mouse, cutting food, everything became an exercise in frustration. The only upside was that after the first week or so, the pain was bearable, and unlike a shoulder, didn't keep me awake at night. So I wasn't loopy from lack of sleep on top of everything else.

So as soon as I was out of the cast and into a removable brace, I started knitting again...making up for lost time.

These are all Christmas gifts. Made from the pattern Welted Fingerless Gloves . The pattern calls for DK weight yarn, but in every case, except for the purple cuffs on the left, the yarn is worsted weight. The Geilsk Tweed is more like a sport, so I held it doubled. I have to say that I was not always happy with it because it broke easily. It is not a durable twist. I have no worries with it doubled.

They will all have buttons, but I've not gotten around to finishing the purple yet.

The buttons on the pink pair have kitties....for the cat lover in the family.

Cute aren't they?

This pattern is very fast to knit especially with worsted weight. And you can use leftovers. Which is another reason I like it.

My one other mod is a 3 stitch I-cord bindoff, at the top which mimics the welts.

At this point I think I'm over the limit for broken bones, so though I'm now rebuilding the strength in my wrist, I think fate will probably have to leave me alone.

And I'm pretty good on my Christmas knitting!