Friday, May 30, 2014

Still here.

So what's new?

I'm back in the office nearly full time. I say nearly because a few hours a week I'm still in PT.  Now I'm working on rotation (think reaching behind you to zip a zipper), and strength. I still have difficulty pushing a full grocery cart.

I'm knitting though. I'm teaching a class for Bad Oyster, in August/September. I'm teaching a beaded bracelet next month. I use 0000 needles for the bracelet, and I'm not sure how it will go. Everything old is new again. I'll start a sample next weekend and I'll accommodate if I need to. I've become really good at that.

As for Bad Oyster, it has unusual increases and an unusual shape, you start on DPs and move to circs or magic loop and steeking. I always like to teach projects that have lots of interesting techniques. It's actually an easy knit, and I think will make really nice gift knitting. It is definitely car and travel knitting.

 I finished the sample this week:

I used a little bit less than a skein of Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in Citrus. I love Mad Tosh. I'm using it for a second shop sample of Color Affection. I was supposed to teach it this past spring/summer, but couldn't knit for those two months. So we're now pointing toward Fall.

 It was a very happy knit because of the color. I found I hit a black hole of knitting somewhere around the 12 inch mark. You knit a funnel-like tube to 18 inches deep. Then steek to create the fringe. It blocked to more than 18 inches on the fringed sides.

Here we're on break, so the town is quieter. Well, quieter if you don't count all the construction. We cannot drive anywhere directly. Apparently, all the people who plan these projects don't talk to each other. It's easier to escape from Alcatraz than it is to get a loaf a bread. Never a dull moment.