Monday, June 29, 2015

And there's more....

......I am not LYS monogamous. Sorry about that Cynthia.  

I get regular emails from a lovely LYS near my mom called Gosh Yarn It. They will occasionally send emails describing new yarns and projects. They are totally inspiring to me. Last time I visited, I had just received a link to the following blog posting:

New Yarns

Take a look at their version of Dangling Conversion.

I went immediately and purchased the Shibui Linen, in caffeine and "a color I can't remember" and made this!

It is light and airy and lovely. It was an easy knit, and would be great gift knitting. This version does not have the beads described in the original pattern. I don't think beads add to the design. (And for me to say that, is something.) The only advice I could give is that if you are using two colors, use the color you prefer to cast on. I would have wanted the orangey color to be more of the piece. But I couldn't tell which was which from the original pattern or the altered pattern.

Am I susceptible or what!

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Bad, Bad Oyster

Another FO is a Bad Oyster that was finally for me. As always, I knit a shop sample for a class first, then I knit another and gifted it for Christmas. NOW at long last I have one for me, this one made from Wollmeise, blend. This is a delightful blend of wool, cashmere, and polyamide. It is soft, snuggly and the color Himbeere (which I have no idea what that means in German) is intense. And remarkably it hardly bled at all when I gave it a bath, to straighten out the fringe.

 I can highly recommend this pattern. If you just want low stress steeking, this is the pattern for you. I did make one change, and that is I added about an inch and a half of seed stitch at the top to eliminate the rolling (you can see the roll on the pattern photos on Ravelry). So mine isn't such a Bad Oyster after all - it has purls.I'm not a big fan of rolling, and the seed stitch put a stop to it. I can't wait until Fall to wear it....did I really just write that I can't wait until Fall? I must be crazy.

Thursday, June 04, 2015

New Knitting At Last...

Throughout all the turmoil of the previous 5 months, I kept knitting...and knitting. Here's my THIRD, and probably last Color Affection. The first was for me, the second was a shop sample for my class, the third is a wild version that I really love. 

This is Rhichard Devrieze fingering weight yarn. The colors are pink, multi, and orange. They had really cutesy names, which I just simply cannot remember. It was really hard to get a clear photo of the colors. I tried with this closeup. I really loved knitting with this yarn. I can highly recommended.

Though the colors are electric, I can wear it with nearly anything. I really liked knitting it. But I think three is over my limit. There's more but tomorrow is another day.