Friday, November 16, 2007

This is going to be .....

...... a very long year. Currently, I am so sick of politics I want to run away...but to where? A few months ago I heard a priest say that with how contentious politics have become it is the new racism, and it is just as awful. I must say I agree. How in the world can you "hate" someone for supporting a certain idea, or person? How in the world can you "hate" anyone who has the balls to run for office? You might not respect their ideas, you might not trust them, maybe you wouldn't want to share a meal with them but "hate"? The mind boggles. And how is this hate different than hating someone for being a particular race, or religion? Sigh.

But on to happier things. I have some knitting! Yes, indeed. Since the recipient of this gift doesn't read my be monkeys!!

And how tacky is it that I'm trying on socks that I made for someone else? I ask you. Well, my feet were clean, and I only had them on for the few seconds it took to take the photo. I used Pacapeds yarn, a wool/alpaca blend-very soft, very lovely. I have another skein, but in pinks and purples and I think I'm going to use them for me! I used a size #1 needle, instead of the #2 called for, and I changed the pattern to add stitches to the repeat. Of course, they fit perfectly (I'd make the foot longer for me) but now I cannot remember what the heck I did. I began with the #2, but the twisted rib looked so wide, I was afraid they'd just creep down on the recipient.

So now unless I had the presence of mind to actually write down my changes, I'll have to reinvent the wheel again.

Leave it to me.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Happy Anniversary Darling!!

And no--it doesn't feel like 200 years. It just feels like a good 20!

Here's to 20 more!