Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Too long, too long.....

Since I've done any meaningful writing, either in my personal journal, online, or in my little knitting book. I don't know what's stopping me. I often think about stuff I want to record--just to remember something specific--a feeling, an unusual sight, just a revelation (not too many of these) but I'm lazy or exhausted. Hard to tell the difference.

Today though I have some show and tell.

First it has come to my attention that though I am a rather conservative dresser, think Lands' End, I'm a veritable disco queen (for those younger than say 40, that's when all those funky platforms, and polyester blouses were actually stylish the first time) when it comes to my hand knit socks. Nothing is too strange or bizarre, and I take great pleasure in wearing them. I've been reading blogs where the knitter will actually frog a sock because she is unhappy with collaboration of the pattern and the yarn. I also see many knitters who knit lovely patterned solid socks because the "lace shows best in solids". I simply can't bring myself to do it. If you are one of these fine, careful knitters, the following sock photo may make you cringe so there's the PG-14 warning.

I love how these came out. Feather and Fan from Socks, Socks, Socks in Socks that Rock Carbon. There a bit of pooling on the right sock, but I think it actually adds to the charm.

The second photo is of my favorite part. The Dutch heel. So far I've knit 4 pair of socks, with another in process, and each has had a completely different heel. I think I like the fit of the Dutch heel best for me so far, but I like the construction of the short row heel.

Here's an upclose and personal view of the heel. As you can probably tell, I'm taking these photos myself, hence the dough white appendages.

And these all wool babies are perfectly comfortable in our Central PA 60 degree weather. I don't know about tomorrow though, we're hitting the 70's.

Next is that internet favorite Grumperina's Jaywalkers. Had to try them, and of course, my inner disco queen took over and I used Socks that Rock, Fire on the Mountain. Then....go figure, I decided to try an Eye of Partridge heel. Weird, wild and I really think it's a hoot!!

Finally to take the edge off all this fiber I have this.........

It is the beginning of a crocheted beaded bracelet. I've made dozens of them. It is my quickie giftee when I'm caught empty handed. Alas, I haven't constructed one in so long I forgot a major design principle, and it's working out a bit wonky. I'm hoping I can forgive the wonkiness, and I can find it eclectic. It's for me anyway, and I've worn experiments before.....with my Lands' End wardrobe.