Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Things that make you go hummmmm?

Keep your distance, I accidentally had onions on my salad at lunch and they've put me in a feisty mood.
What's going on with the people one sees pushing empty baby strollers on the street? Today I saw a young woman, pushing a stroller with a fleece blankie, but no baby. I nearly wanted to ask if she forgot her child in the car? I can't seem to find an explanation, though there is probably something logical that I'm missing.
I have no qualms with someone expressing likes and dislikes about political candidates on policy matters, but let's get one thing clear. Disliking/berating someone for espousing a particular personal belief, regardless of  what it might be, and as long as it isn't illegal, is bigotry - pure, simple, and unadulterated. Might as well start cutting eye holes in a sheet.
I've mentioned parking issues before, and here's another. Some time ago, I arrived at my building to find there was only ONE usable parking space left (they have designated several that are too narrow, against walls, with exhaust fans sticking out, I don't need the hassle). Unfortunately, it was next to someone who apparently couldn't be bothered to put his vehicle in the space straight. What's up with this? It is way too easy to bang other people getting in and out of this place. Why make it harder? I grumbled about having to fuss around to get into the empty space, thought about leaving a note, didn't, then forgot about it the rest of the day. I left the office late and rode down on the elevator with someone whom I didn't know. We exchanged pleasantry's as people in elevators in these here parts are wont to do. When we get down to the lot, I find that he is the idiot who can't park. I breathe a sigh of relief that I didn't leave a note, but not so fast. He holds up a yellow Post-It and says to me "Someone left me a note!"  "Oh?", even though I know what's coming. "It says learn how to park asshole! How rude!" I simply smile, and shake my head. "Nice!", he says, clearly miffed. Inside, I think, so learn how to park. Outside I say "Probably someone who had some damage done to their car here. Have a good night." The bottom line....he hasn't learned yet. Sigh.
I am recovering from two, count'em, two root canals, done at the same time (they were on the same side). Props to the endodontist and assistant who made it as uneventful as such an experience can be. In fact I got a floor show along with the dental work. For the bulk of the time they were working they played "name that tune" or "name that group" to the piped in music (satellite radio I think). While that might not inspire confidence in some it was actually quite reassuring to me. But then I've never been normal.
And Happy Leap Day. 


Kaye said...

Well hey on the plus side, he didn't block you in and not leave his keys with the "valet" (i.e. pot smoking, video game playing parking lot attendants) so that when you've got an emergency situation--you can't get your car out of the GD parking lot. Like say when your kid breaks his elbow or something...
No, still not bitter about that. I'd take a crooked parker any day!

Chrisknits said...

You should have asked the guy what he thought the note meant and said, "let's examine the evidence". Unless you hit them over the head with a plank, they won't see it.
Hope you are recovered soon! Try having gum surgery and then riding 9 holes in a golf cart while watching your daughter's match. Or having gum surgery and then attending a comedy show of one of the funniest Christian comedians. True story, 2 weeks apart.