Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Through all the recent angst and trauma I knit on... and on....and on. Nothing big. I haven't touched my Kauni sweater in months. My right elbow tendonitis is acting up again, and I'm slightly wary of making it worse.  That being said, I have no less that FOUR, count'em FOUR projects "on the needles". This is not my typical MO.

Here they are, oldest to youngest:

  1. Kauni Sweater
  2. Parcheesi blanket
  3. Earl Grey socks (in green)
  4. Gothic Tam
This is more than I've had in progress in a long time. Before the socks and tam were cast on though, I finished these.

Another Cable Crossings hat.

I love the result of this pattern, but let me warn you, the cabling-- is as fiddly as it gets.The look is worth it in my estimation. If you look on my Rav page, you'll see that Sarah, the designer, recommends that you repeat the first and second repeats of cables twice, making the hat deeper and more comfortable if you want to maintain your ears without frost bite. This is way more comfortable. It is knit in Foxfire Designs Flock Sock in natural. Love this yarn. I only needed one and a bit of a second skein--for the full hat and a deeper brim.

This is the Cabled Neck Cozy by Kate Lemmers.

This is done with a bulky Katia yarn in an acrylic/wool/alpaca blend. I made it specifically for running/walking in the cold. The buttons are really useful in case I want to loosen it, or unbutton it completely.

It's a fast, easy pattern (the same one I gave to my mother-in-law), but it is not clear to me where to place the buttons. So I've done it differently the two times I've made it.

Finally, in progress, the Gothic Tam. It's going really fast.

I'm using Foxfire Designs, Upland Wool and Alpaca in the Ikat colorway. It is knitting up really nicely. I hope it blocks out well.

I've never knit a tam before, but I got a new eggplant color coat for Christmas, and think it will make the color "pop". My head will certainly will.

I don't even know if a "slouchy tam" will be nice on me. If it isn't, I have a sister.

So that's the progress report. You really don't want to hear the rest of what's going on here. Srsly.


Chrisknits said...

Oh, I love Romi's stuff. Have her two booklets on shawls. I can't imagine doing that cable hat, my goodness, how many which ways do they go?

kemtee said...

It all looks pretty darn good to me. And I like fiddly cables. After the Cookie A socks that had you using two cable needles at once to cross things, I figure I'm ready for anything.