Tuesday, February 07, 2012

There's more!

I spent the weekend + one day, catching up and then doing whatever I wanted. I actually got to knit on three out of the four projects I listed last week. 

I knit a inch or two on the Kauni sweater, tendonitis or no. Then I moved forward a bit on the Parcheesi blanket. Because the sweater looks nearly the same, here's an updated progress photo of the Parcheesi blanket.

I estimate that this will be about 60x48 inches and am now contemplating whether to to knit a couple or three log cabin squares to make it wider. I still need to finish the connectors. I can then see how much yarn I have left I suppose.

It's a nice project when you just want some mindless knitting.

Next is my Gothic tam all washed and blocked and everything. I think I like it. I can tell you that Romi's pattern is immaculate. Any difficulties I encountered were completely of my own doing. No surprise there.

I'll wear it and see how it feels. I do like that I won't get the dreaded hat head!

This is a better photo of the color. I don't know what's going on with the flash. I had the same problem with my Cable Crossings. It was way too dark rather than a lovely natural white.

And even though I swore (bad language and everything) that I wouldn't start anything else -that I'd work on DH's green Earl Grey socks, I lied. But there's a story. Isn't there always?

A number of years ago...maybe five, I sent a relative a Liesel Scarf for Christmas made with a silk wool blend. I don't think she ever actually thanked me, but I'll be charitable and assume she may have told me thank you when we spoke on Christmas day. (Not getting a "thank you" would not be out of the norm.) We stopped exchanging gifts soon afterward (no animosity, just pragmatism), and I, of course, did not make her anything else. Recently, it came to my attention, through a meddling mutual relative, that said relative lost her scarf and was sick about it. Apparently, she wore the scarf all the time, loved it, and upon changing jobs may have left it on a parking shuttle. I never knew. The person who passed the information along to me, this is the meddling part, strongly hinted that maybe I should consider replacing said scarf. I was pretty adamant that since I didn't know that the scarf was so well loved all this time, then maybe I wasn't open to putting in all that work again for, probably, little appreciation.

Well, you've guessed right. I bought some Elsbeth Lavold wool/silk (20% discount at my LYS), and I'm working another. As I'm knitting, it is apparent that it will not have the same hand as the original (Knit Picks, Gloss), but it is nice in it's own way. It is also a different, tonal blue, as opposed to a lavender. I may not love the result, but I can't actually remember what the last one felt like. So I've decided that I'm simply forging ahead, and will send the replacement as soon as it's done. I can't tell you how passive aggressive this is making me feel.  (I have no wish to discuss this further with this relative, she is integral to our family, and I have no real issue with her. And this is personal on my end - I have a real problem with people who do not even recognize that you sent them something, let alone handwork, and it seems to be more common than not these days.)

(A case in point: Out of the blue I received a small calendar from a friend. I received it on December 24th. It was a complete surprise. As soon as I had access to email (probably the 28th), I dropped her a line told her I received it, and that I was going to enjoy it. In the meantime, I worked up a pair of knitted earrings for her and mailed them with a short note of thanks for thinking of me. About 10 days later (as I was wondering if they had made it), she texted me just to let me know that: 1) she got them; 2) liked them; 3) was hoping to find time to send a REAL thank you, but then just gave up because she wanted me to know that she appreciated them. We subsequently exchanged several emails. This, especially now, is perfectly acceptable.)  So, is it me?


Chrisknits said...

It's me too. I have faithfully bought birthday presents for my nieces and nephews. Rarely do I get a thank you, unless I am standing right there when I gift it. We have always had a party for our girls and they are expected to personally thank each gift giver, not just a blanket "thanks everyone". This year we did not have a party. Not a one of my siblings that live in town gifted my girls a present. My sister who lives 3 hours away gave them presents. Now, a new year of birthdays has begun and I an beginning to wonder why I try. Also, my sister and I are the only ones who take our nieces and nephews places, even on vacations, and our brothers have NEVER included my girls in out of town excursion, my sister is childless. Yet, I am the reviled aunt because I expect them to eat the food I prepare and behave well when I foot the bill. Oh yes, and neither brother would ever send money with their kids for their personal use, like when shopping. So, not only did I pay for their food and any needed items, if we went shopping they expected me to buy whatever they wanted, when I only planned to buy for my own kids. I stopped taking them places long ago. Sorry for the rant!

Kaye said...

Nope, it's not just you.

Which reminds me, have I ever told you how Moochie refers to his sweatshirt you got him as his "kitty cat shirt?" Ha ha!

Kaye said...

P.S. That blanket looks AMAZING!

kemtee said...

Well, I think it's good of you to replace the scarf. Good karma points, too.

And mindless knitting is not to be disparaged. I could use a little bit of that, myself.