Monday, June 29, 2015

And there's more....

......I am not LYS monogamous. Sorry about that Cynthia.  

I get regular emails from a lovely LYS near my mom called Gosh Yarn It. They will occasionally send emails describing new yarns and projects. They are totally inspiring to me. Last time I visited, I had just received a link to the following blog posting:

New Yarns

Take a look at their version of Dangling Conversion.

I went immediately and purchased the Shibui Linen, in caffeine and "a color I can't remember" and made this!

It is light and airy and lovely. It was an easy knit, and would be great gift knitting. This version does not have the beads described in the original pattern. I don't think beads add to the design. (And for me to say that, is something.) The only advice I could give is that if you are using two colors, use the color you prefer to cast on. I would have wanted the orangey color to be more of the piece. But I couldn't tell which was which from the original pattern or the altered pattern.

Am I susceptible or what!

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Chrisknits said...

Lovely colors. I am too susceptible to suggestion so I need to not get emails and texts for shops. I fall to their lure far too often!