Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Bad, Bad Oyster

Another FO is a Bad Oyster that was finally for me. As always, I knit a shop sample for a class first, then I knit another and gifted it for Christmas. NOW at long last I have one for me, this one made from Wollmeise, blend. This is a delightful blend of wool, cashmere, and polyamide. It is soft, snuggly and the color Himbeere (which I have no idea what that means in German) is intense. And remarkably it hardly bled at all when I gave it a bath, to straighten out the fringe.

 I can highly recommend this pattern. If you just want low stress steeking, this is the pattern for you. I did make one change, and that is I added about an inch and a half of seed stitch at the top to eliminate the rolling (you can see the roll on the pattern photos on Ravelry). So mine isn't such a Bad Oyster after all - it has purls.I'm not a big fan of rolling, and the seed stitch put a stop to it. I can't wait until Fall to wear it....did I really just write that I can't wait until Fall? I must be crazy.

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