Wednesday, October 07, 2015

The Summer in Review....there may have been some knitting....

Let's start in late May. I went to Atlanta with two colleagues, and presented with one. The highlight however, was this:
This is a sea dragon from the Georgia Aquarium. What a fabulous place! Go. Just. GO. If you have the opportunity.

June, found me finishing Dangling Conversation (info in a previous post) by Mindy Ross done in a wonderful Shibui linen yarn. You may have seen this earlier.

June also found me on a crocheted beaded bangle kick. I was getting ready for a class that was ultimately cancelled. But I couldn't stop making bracelets.

See what I mean? I Simply couldn't stop. These are 6/0 beads, and tatting thread. The lamp work bead was purchased years ago in a bead store in Mountain View California.

I have been working on Showoff Stranded Socks for a Christmas gift. For some reason I had trouble with the pattern, even though it isn't that complicated. Just one of those things I guess. It has a different gusset than I've used before, and I think I like it.....if only I could get it right.

The yarn is Cascade in Heritage Paint Colors.
I don't know why it is so dark but I'll post a better photo when the pair is finished.

 Finally this.
They are building a 12 story building RIGHT NEXT DOOR. My view is being destroyed. The only people happy about this are the construction workers, and the tax collectors. The rest of us are totally depressed. My view of the Old Main Bell Tower is very nearly gone already. This is progress?

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Chrisknits b said...

The bracelets are lovely! I must look into figuring out the technique. Sorry about your view. I hate when our landscapes are taken over with things.