Friday, May 11, 2012

This n'at.

  • I wish I had FOs to show. By rights, I should - however, I am knitting a "shop sample" of Wingspan, for a class I'll be teaching next month. I need to have it in the shop owners hands before the end of the month for a photo op, and I'd like to get it done ASAP for her. (She could photograph mine, but she says that prospective class participants like to come in and handle the samples. I'm not comfortable handing over a shawlette that I've worn and will continue to wear for that purpose.) Unfortunately, I've not been as diligent as I was with my own. Wooziness makes knitting, not the best activity. I'm in a holding pattern with my "infection". I still experience intermittent symptoms, so I'll decide next week if I need to revisit the treatment with the doc. BTW I'm using Kauni 8/2 (which I pronounce kan-I, and I'm told is really connie) for this version, and it's quite nice. A little scratchy, but the hand of the fabric is nice, and I think a good bath in wool wash will help. I may leave that in the Cynthia's hands as well.

  • For me to make Mitt a lock for my vote (in reality I can't imagine who else I'd trust the economy with) all he has to do at the convention is say in his acceptance speech ".....When I take the oath on January 20, 2013, there will be no more references to what the prior administration did. No matter how horrible the condition of the country is on that day, Monday, January 21st, it becomes "my economy". You will not hear how badly the previous administration "ran the car into the ditch" [ad naseum]. The buck will start and end at my desk in the oval office."  That's it. I'm a pretty simple person. We need an adult in the White House, instead of some dude who, in reality, belongs in a tent at McPherson Square.

  • I continue to be fascinated in a gruesome kind of way, with how stupid the media in this country thinks we, the great unwashed are. I submit:

Mitt Romney
This is the worst you can come up with? Cutting the hair of a class mate? If it actually happened as originally described, that is. Nice investigative journalism that (I hope the reporter didn't graduate from Penn State). You can't imagine that we care when we're paying $3.80 for a gallon of gas?

Elizabeth Warren

No amount of cover will erase this mess Princess Wannabe. You may remember this posting of mine. This faculty member is just most certainly cracked and a fibber to boot. And to be fair, I almost can't blame the law schools who jumped at the opportunity to acquire a "minority female" faculty member. All universities are compelled to be politically correct and acquire minority all costs. Most, can't say all anymore, are legitimately who they claim to be, and are completely qualified for their positions. That's the good news. Warren is most certainly the bad news.

Amendment One in NC

In the same posting listed above, you will note that I had a friend on facebook, who has been drinking the CA kool aid too long. His assessment of the 2 to 1 margin in favor of the amendment is that there are "too many Jesus people in NC". Notice I said "HAD". I have made the decision to sever myself from all bigots regardless of what bigotry they espouse. I am horrified that if one is pro-choice that one cannot acknowledge that thinking abortion is murder is a legitimate opinion. Or that if one favors traditional marriage, one cannot acknowledge that gay couples may need some legal recourse to the same benefits. I don't see these things as mutually exclusive, but simply understanding that having an opinion doesn't discount the opposite side of the coin. 
Notice I'm completely ignoring the disingenuous pretense of the ever devolving President. I just can't wait to see who else he tries to pander to. I'm not sure there are any "people" left. He may have to start working on the forest creatures in Bambi. 
I feel like I'm on an island alone....... surrounded by sharks.

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