Tuesday, May 08, 2012

It ends...

... what may have been the worst academic year in the 150 year history of this institution. Officially we are now in "Maymester 2012". (Oh pleeze, don't ask.) Officially, though, it is the start of  2012-2013 academic year.

We spent last week in the throes of final exams, movings, graduations, and for the moment there is a lull. At the end of May "Summer I" starts (these are 6 week semesters), and with it come the influx of new freshmen. But for now all we have to contend with is construction and road closings. Which is harrowing in and of itself.

As for the trial...it starts next month. Information is slow to reach the public thanks to a gag order. (I use the term gag in all its incarnations.) There are numerous hearings scheduled at a rate of about one a week. However, one interesting piece of information is that the state has changed the date of the alleged Victim 2 assault from March 2002 to February 2001. No information as to why is forthcoming, however, my suspicion is that Victim 2 has been found and interviewed. What this does, however, is eliminate one of the charges, not reporting known child abuse, from the administrators. The statute of limitations would have expired.

That's where we are. Where I am is still dizzy from a sinus infection.

I'll be in Washington DC the first weekend in June. Can anyone recommend a good yarn store in the vicinity of downtown? I'll be at the Grand Hyatt.

ETA: And, currently, there are workmen on a scaffold outside my window....pounding...yes, pounding, to remove bricks from the facade of the building. It is charming.....Is it any wonder I have a headache? 

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Chrisknits said...

Hope the sinus stuff passes completely. And good luck to surviving the summer semesters!