Friday, February 20, 2009

Moving on .....

Because I'm exhausted with worrying myself silly over what in the world I will do with the extra $40 a month-that will be economy stimulating enough. I present some "old" knitting. This is the Tendrils Wrap from Knitty.

This is knit from Knit Picks Elegance. It's the alpaca/silk blend and it has about a kilo of beads in it. I keep it at the office and wrap myself in it when it gets chilly. Usually in the summer when the A/C is on. I've been fine so far in the winter. I knit this in the summer of 2006. I don't know what some folks have against KP yarns. Yeah, some of them are a little splitty, but I'm thinking that I could find one yarn in every line that has some splittyness to it. I enjoyed knitting with Elegance a great deal and it made this a very affordable project.

I'm becoming used to the Noro. It seems to soften up when it is finally knitted into a fabric. It still feels like twine (to me) when I'm knitting it though.

I keep wondering about all those hats I see that have Noro combined with another yarn. Like Turn A Square. Aren't they scratchy? My LYS owners say "rough" not scratchy....potato/patato. I knit a hat from Harrisville wool and it made me crazy. I gave it to my sister who found it "itchy" as well. They insist it is the BEST! Very soft. I keep wondering if I'm just looney. (OK, I don't really wonder, but I can't figure out why my impressions are SO different!) Recently I knit a felted cloche for my mom, and because of her senior Red Hat status I decided to knit a purple stripe into the red Lambs Pride I used. The purple was a bit of leftover Harrisville, and zonks! The difference was remarkable. Way more "rough" than the Lambs Pride. Now the LP has a bit of mohair, so if you're allergic to mohair, you could be in trouble. But for felting it's fabulous.

Just as an aside, my favorite felting yarn is Paton's Classic Wool. The fabric is not thick and stiff, so the garment is lighter. If you need more body, the Lamb's Pride is probably your best bet. And look for the new monochromatic colors. I think I used cranberry swirl (except I thought it was ruby red, but it was varigated).

Now my last question. Is there anyone out of the Illinois/Chicago political arena who isn't smarmy? Just askin'?


kemtee said...

KP yarns are decent. I'm particularly fond of WoTA heathers. I've no patience with yarn snobs.

I love Harrisville yarns, but I will be the first to say that they are ROUGH. Not scratchy -- rough.

Chicago politics = NY politics with a twist. So, no.

Bezzie said...

Eh, they're all smarmy politicians. Illinois is just better at bringing them to light. Hee hee.

I agree, I like Patons Classic Merino for felting too. Not for knitting though, too pilly.