Thursday, February 12, 2009

Loose Leaf Thoughts .....

I "accidentally" joined the Loopy Ewe Sock Club. How, you may ask, does one "accidentally" join a sock club. Well, I just wanted to see the details (costs and such), and clicked once too many times. Well, it's a lottery, I told myself, what are the odds? Well, pretty darned good apparently. I'm in. I debated whether I should withdraw, but heck. I can be on a yarn diet the rest of the year, right? First shipment should be in about 4 weeks. I almost can't wait.

I should know better about lotteries. Back in 2002 the first round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament was being held in Pittsburgh. My DH LOVES the basketball tournament. It runs a close second to the Super Bowl with the Steelers playing. Anyway, the tickets were $$ and you had to "buy" into a lottery to try and get them. Also you had to fax your application. Anyway, our fax hiccuped and I ended up entering twice!! (And having my credit card charged twice.) Nice, huh? This was about January 2001. Lo and behold May rolls around and I am notified that I've gotten TWO tickets. Now I'm on pins and needles waiting to see if I also got the other two. This pre-dates StubHub and those other ticket services, so selling them would have been an ordeal and subject to PA's scalping laws. Fortunately, for me, I got a "regrets" notification, and a credit to my charge. But we had a GREAT time at the tournament!

I'm wondering who the heck is going to benefit from the 800B? Not me. If they really wanted to stimulate the economy, and help the "middle-class" they'd do things write off for $20K if you buy a new home in 2009, how about $5K if you buy a new vehicle ($7 for a hybrid or high mileage), a few hundred for all kinds of durable goods, like washers, dryers etc. This would put Detroit back to work, housing starts would get going again (along with all the associated crafts), manufacturing would stay afloat....but no. We have climate change research. Yeah, that'll help the folks laid off in Midland. The only people this will help in 2009 are the pinheads in the labs at Stanford and MIT and the packing/shipping folks at Fischer Scientific. Oh yeah!! And it would be loads cheaper! (How do I know about pinheads and labs? I used to be one of those pinheads!)

Dondi just doesn't know when to quit. Sheesh. And it just gets worse and worse. Hey buddy!! The clue phone is ringing and it's for you!

I think I just hate Facebook. I just don't "get it". I'm also so not a twitterer or plurker...gads do I really need to know your thoughts at every moment? You sure don't want to know mine! I shudder to think. This comes to mind because we are looking at Facebook as a teaching tool, because "students use it all the time". Many students get drunk all the time too, are we going to start serving cocktails during class? Just sayin'.


Mag said...

I don't understand the joys of those interfaces either. Twitter is downright dangerous especially for the naive businessperson. ;-)
I wish somebody would give us a reward for not defaulting on our mortgage, not mismanaging our business (no layoffs so far!) or paying our taxes or buying a house in 2008. We did everything the honorable and prudent way and our reward will be even more taxes to pay for things we don't agree with and bad behavior that could have been avoided. It is a joy to be an American this day. (OK, it's better than being an Afghani. ;-)

Chrisknits said...

Thanks for your thoughts at my blog. I think if we met in real life we would have lots in common, dislike of Noro Kureyon being on of them! My Lady Eleanor hasn't been a problem to wear, it's not the softest, but not the worst.

I don't get the one line posting either. I guess I am too wordy?