Thursday, November 13, 2008

Somebody stop me....

...before I hurt myself.

This has just come out, from, again, the venerable Pew Research Center.

Bill O'Reilly is both the most and least liked journalist. In my book that means he's doing something right. However, if you read more closely, you will see this

At the top of the Democrats’ list is Keith Olbermann of MSNBC (6% of Democrats named Olbermann).

Olbermann is their "most liked" journalist (and I use the term loosely) I've not heard him recently, but remember him from ESPN. Major ass.

and this

Among those who name the Fox News Channel as their main source for campaign news, 52% are Republicans and only 17% are Democrats. By contrast, among those who rely on MSNBC for their campaign news, 50% are Democrats and only 11% are Republicans. Similarly, CNN’s campaign news audience is largely Democratic – 45% are Democrats and 13% are Republicans.

from here

Ok, absorbed all of that? Now go to the research below, and just look at the graph (read the research findings too if you can stand it), which is ...umm....telling for want of any other terminology. Here's a hint, compare the coverage of the two candidates between the two networks.

What do you notice about the coverage between where most Republicans get their news and where Democrats get theirs? Kool aid anyone?

FYI: Pew is a highly respected non-partisian research institute. Pew funds research at all our major educational institutions. A Pew grant almost assures tenure (just in case you're wondering).

And I like to directly source my data, something MSNBC, and many of the other news outlets, do not do on a regular basis.


Mag said...

Jon Stewart may as well be considered a journalist by Dems since Keith Olberman and Chris Matthews are as well. tee hee.

These graphs are concerned with the news coverage, but the cable movie channels were filled with brainwashing propaganda as well. HBO had in heavy rotation Recount, a fiction, Hacking Democracy, a 'documentary', Letters Home, a smarmy doc' and Section 60, another emotional blackmail doc.

Yes, McCain got unfair coverage, but we expected that. The other side just does not see it. They consider it a rightwous vindication of their opinon, that O is the chosen one by the media. Is not one O voter questioning the power of marketing on their decision?

Bezzie said...

This is going to sound petty, but that was part of the reason I couldn't bring myself to vote for Oboner. The sheer bandwagoning by the channels I mostly watch. I didn't realize that Olbermann used to be on ESPN. Good lord, who could take him seriously? That's like watching Lee Corso do the news...hee hee!!

kemtee said...

My head's spinning, quite frankly.