Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Look at what I did...

...OK, this is not going to be so impressive to certain graphic artists among us. But during our statewide meetings this week we had a little hands on iMovie 8 seminar. I created this.

These are photos taken at the PA Grand Canyon and the environs of Wellsboro, PA. The water you see is Pine Creek a kick ass trout fishing stream. Wellsboro is noted for being a dark circle on a satellite map. There is limited cell service and only small town type businesses. Think Deliverance. We love the area though. The rock pyramids on the bank of the creek are a mystery, but we found odd rock formations all the way down the trail we took to the creek. It was rather mysterious. It was my first attempt at creating a video since, well, a lifetime ago. This was way easy, but I can see it can turn into a time sink.

And the knitting elves are back! Last weekend I completed these.

Monkeys in Socks That Rock "Stormy Weather". Storm something anyway. But look at the heel. This is an Eye of Partridge heel. Look at the difference between the leg of the sock, and the heel and gusset.

Weird huh? The colorway knits up completely differently in the heel and gusset.

I also finished a "waiting to be felted" hat. I was going to put beads in it, but I got too lazy and didn't bother to dig through my stash to find beads that fit on the yarn (worsted weight wool). No time this week for a work-in-progress photo shoot. I'll just have to wait until this weekend when I hope I'll have time to felt it.

I've moved on to a pair of Embossed Leaves socks, in Socks That Rock lightweight, Cobble Creek. Notice a pattern here. I do love me STR, but I also have some Dream In Color Smooshy which will have to wait until I'm done with my Christmas knitting to use it. I've realized that I have been knitting tons of socks, but for other people. I need more hand knit socks.

Anyway, have a great Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to sleeping.


Mag said...

I really love the STR in stormy weather. I nearly bought that color and now I wish I had.
Nice little video, I enjoyed all the greenery I haven't been east of Chicago in about 2 decades.

Happy Thanksgiving!

kemtee said...

You'll LOVE the Smooshy. I doubted it until I had worked with it a bit. Instant love. I knew the elves would come back eventually.

And I LIKED the video. I miss the mountains something fierce.