Friday, November 14, 2008

Last time's the charm....

I know yunz (that's Pittsburghese in case it's unfamiliar) are wondering why I just didn't let go of this media research stuff. Well, here in academia you can count on a couple (OK,more than a couple) things: 1) political correctness rules; 2) the only diversity that is enthusiastically embraced is that of the rest of the "community"; 3) it is a mortal sin to admit to getting your news anywhere besides NPR/PBS; 4) the only print media worth reading is the NY Times. If you admit to watching Fox News, in particular, you may get your parking pass taken away, and they won't sell you coffee at Saints (local, excellent coffee shop) anymore. The "community" firmly believes there is little (they admit to a little) bias in the media as a whole. (An aside: I don't eschew NPR/PBS, or print media. I DO NOT read the NY Times as a rule, and I don't JUST get my news from Fox. There are too many accessible sources on the internet to only read one point of view.)

So, now, here are studies, (though NPR/PBS wasn't included I grant you), that simply decimates that thinking. And from a source that these people think is second only to ...well...Barack Obama. And because of the source it gives me the opportunity, the next time someone says, "I only listen to NPR, I certainly won't listen to Fox", for me to reply, "According to Pew research, during the last election, Fox had the most balanced and unbiased coverage. You probably didn't have all the information." The according to Pew Research are magic words in these here parts.

So that my friends is my story and I'm stickin' too it. And Bezzie, I don't think it is petty at all.

Now for the important stuff.


Dear Knitting Elves,

Why have you deserted me? I scaled my Christmas knitting way back I decided on 3 pair of socks, and one felted hat (and a beaded ornament, but that's not knitting). The cats will have to survive with purchased gifts. Yet, I am not finished with the first pair of socks. How can this be. Last year, I pelted through socks (1), scarves (2), hats (2), AND a kitty tunnel. I am still waiting for a zipper from zipperstop for my Ribby Cardi (they are trying to match my yarn), and I have a Lace Ribbon Scarf in Koigu on my needles, just languishing. Yet, I have hardly knit at all this week, and not because I don't want to.

I beg you!! Come back! I'll leave out cookies, filet, champagne, anything!!



Mag said...

I just this morning learned the meaning of 'unfunded mandate'. Ah academia! (We provide logistics services for a local university.)

My blending pot diversity doesn't show, (unless you're very observant) so therefore, it doesn't count. ;)

Don't tell the Daily Show about Fox and its balanced coverage, the writer's heads will explode and they will have no lead jokes. (If you don't watch the show, like Countdown with Olberman, their favoirte subject/whipping boy is Fox news.)

Bezzie said...

I have to giggle. Sometimes I miss college towns! And since I do listen to NPR for a lot of my news--I'm in the car a lot here!--I'd say there were more biased towards Oboner. But that's just my layman's take.

Three pairs of Christmas socks? Better getting baking those cookies!

kemtee said...

I hate to tell you this, but Elves are unionized.


Elves & Fairies Local 703. You can try petitioning the union steward, but I wouldn't expect fast action anytime soon. And don't tell 'em I sent you. They're still pissed off at me over the gift wrap thing.