Friday, February 22, 2013

The state of ol' State.

Living in a college town does bring with it both challenges and advantages. There are sporting events, philanthropy events, academic events, arts festivals, concerts, administrator trials (oops, that might just be here), and then there are drunken events. None of the first few actually classify as "drinking events" even though some imbibing may occur. Except for this:

This is strictly an excuse to wear green and get publicly wasted en masse. It is both maddening and frustrating. If you want to have wine with dinner tomorrow....well, get it today. Any place that sells alcohol, will be closed up tighter than a drum. And even though I had/have no plans to go out tomorrow, it annoys me anyway. And don't get me started on the municipal is simply too painful to contemplate.

Juxtapose that with this story  from the front page of the morning paper........ we may not have cattle rustling, but goat rustling is alive and well........

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