Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I'm still kickin'

 This has been a busy month. Classes started back up, there were family issues to resolve, we have a statewide workshop at the conference center tomorrow (Not even speaking to the staff assistant today, she's very dangerous. I may buy her a cupcake though.). The weather has been very cold - single digits during the day. Cold enough for parkas, and cold enough for me to knit this:

It's a Honey Cowl, and my, my, my, it was a wonderful knit.

My version is made with Filatura Di Crosa Yarn, Zara (a stash yarn from a now closed yarn store - RIP Knit Wits, Greensburg, I miss you!) a fine superwash merino, and a pleasure to knit with. I didn't realize it was a superwash until I tried to spit splice it, with no luck. I spit and rubbed, and spit and rubbed, to no avail. I ended up knotting it, then reading the label. Sigh. It's backwards I am.

Anyway, love the pattern, loved the mindless knitting, just what I needed. Too bad I couldn't give it the time I wanted to and now that it's finished the temp has risen to 56 degrees TODAY. A little too warm for a wool cowl. I have no fear that there will be other opportunities to wear my creation, though.  This is January, heading into February. And this is Central Pennsylvania. And no, these swings in temperature are not global warming - as I was told by a transplanted Seattle-ite. If you've lived around these here parts long enough you remember the 4 feet of snow one Friday in March, and the 60 degree temperatures the next. Or the time when it was -18 F (or thereabouts) for about a week (not wind chill), and we couldn't do laundry because the hoses froze. The next week it had rebounded to the more normal, and tropical feeling 30s. So all I have to do is wait.

Here's a closeup:

Can't you just feel how fluffy it is?

I'll eventually Ravel it. But there really isn't much more to say.

Pattern is free....go do it.

And I have another finished object waiting in the wings! But it will just have to keep waiting until another day. Probably not tomorrow because we will be entertaining nearly 200 "guests". I hope the bar is open early......


Chrisknits said...

I just want to laugh each winter and summer when our local news stations go on and on about the "extreme!!!!!" cold or the "extreme!!!!!" heat. And then their confusion at the "extreme!!!!!" swing in temps starting in January and continuing until April. Really? This is Southern Indiana, where it really can hit all seasons in one 24 hour period. We just had 60 degree weather yesterday, had severe storms move through last night and by tomorrow it will be in the 20's with snow. Is it any wonder we pine for Spring starting in Feb when Jan can be so fickle with her temps? Love the cowl!! I have the pattern bookmarked, just haven't gotten to it yet.

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