Friday, July 13, 2012

Please. Stop. Now.

For the record. Nothing in the Freeh report has been a surprise to anyone with whom I've personally talked. But it is still very distressing.

But this community has had ENOUGH.

And I've, personally, learned something very important. Don't take notes at meetings unless you can mail them on a postcard. (A lesson I've always adhered to regarding email.)


Kaye said...

I've been wondering about you lately! I do appreciate your frontline POV!

I'm with you on the email thing. More than 3 sentences and the brain wanders.

Were you able to read this comment this far? Or is my theory bunk? ;-)

kemtee said...

I just don't understand why the whole thing has to be talked to death, beaten to a pulp, set on fire, and scattered to the wind.

It happened. The perp has been caught, tried, and sentenced. It's OVER.

A little silence on the subject by the media and anyone with a vague interest in college sports would be the best thing to help heal the community.

I'm sorry you're still caught up in this mess. Time to take a vacation and get out of Dodge for a while?