Thursday, June 21, 2012

May I just say.....


Spread the word.....I think the Olympic Committee needs a few knitted muzzles.

ETA: I sent the following to their "customer service" (donation) address:

While never having participated in a "Ravelympics" I think your lawyers have gone one step beyond the pale........Yes, I know they're on retainer. Yes, I know they need to keep themselves busy, but really. REALLY? You, the USOC, are making yourselves look like the jackasses you apparently are.

Well, here's the reality - not only will I
NOT EVER consider making a donation to our fine athletes, I'm going to ban them from our home. And I'm going to make sure to let NBC (read: sponsors) know. 

Thanks for freeing up my summer.


Chrisknits said...

I am actually meh about it. I think the vitriol is over the top coming from the Rav members, but to each their own. I just think it's getting ridiculous the way knitters take slight at everything. So what, the USOC doesn't hold our craft in high esteem. I really can't find the effort to be worked up about it.
Hope life isn't too upended with the trial going on. I try to avoid hearing or seeing anything about it. Very hard to do some days!

kemtee said...

What Chris said.

I think it's a massive PR fail, but in the end nothing will come of it. Casey will cave, both because he has little or no backbone and because something like this is simply not worth wasting the resources on.

Me, I'll still watch. I like the games and look forward to it. I get little enough pleasure in this world and this petty squabbling isn't going to disrupt it for me.