Monday, April 09, 2012

Wind beneath my wings.....

Wingspan completed. And because I was prescient, or maybe anxious, enough to purchase an extra skein, I had enough to finish completely, and do a two stitch i-cord bind off. I should be able to make another, maybe one repeat shorter, probably for one of the mothers.

I've often read that i-cord bind offs cause puckering in the fabric, however, I use a needle two sizes larger, and I've never had that happen. It takes longer, and of course, more yarn, but I still think it is worth it.

Raveled here.

On another topic....remember my discussion of the Liesel Scarf. Said I was knitting for a relative who is ummmm.....not consistent with responses. Well, I stand corrected. I received a lovely thank you note for the scarf. She was most complementary and told me how sad she was when she lost the other.

I am absolutely delighted to be wrong this time.


Kaye said...

WOAH!! That is gorgeous!

kemtee said...

Funny how sometimes being wrong feels better than being right, eh?

Nice wings, chickie.