Thursday, October 28, 2010

It was the best ....

..of times...

A League of Women Voter's debate outside Pittsburgh:

Quite an "unruly mob" if you ask me.

It was the worst of times:

Poop. If I wasn't so entertained, I'd tell Joe to get his money back. What the hell made him think this was a good ad.

Also please read how there are blatant false statements in the ad. How stupid do they think we are? We are not all from Altoona!! (Home of the late John Murtha, the master of obfuscation.)

But I shouldn't be surprised. In a recent ad for the governor race, the (D) candidate berated the (R) candidate for RAISING TAXES and hurting the elderly!! The problem being the (R) candidate is the current State's Attorney General, and last time I looked had absolutely nothing to do with passing financial legislation........ !!!?? And in my personal experience, his office was very aggressive in pursuing businesses who preyed on the elderly. I think they too were just hoping that people were too dumb to notice.

Really how stupid do they think people are?

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kemtee said...

Pretty darn stupid.

Tell the lies often enough and they become truth.