Wednesday, September 29, 2010

On my mind....

Some things I think, I think...

  • Why is it that I'm at work in hose with a wool shawl, and see students walking around wearing honest-to-God sundresses or shorts and T-shirts? What am I missing? This is not Gainsville.
  • Why is it that these same half-dressed students think that if they walk in front of my moving (albeit slowly) 2000 lb vehicle, and they don't even glance in my direction that I'm really not there? Do they think this is an oasis, and I am a mirage?
  • Why is it that people (read: politicians) think if they repeat something (over-and-over) enough, it magically becomes "true"? Trust me, if you can't prove it, it ain't "true".
  • Why is it that I find people (this may include presenters, artists, musicians, knitters, etc.), who for no apparent reason, and completely out of context, inject their political opinion/agenda into their work, gauche? I can be perfectly happy reading something, or listening to something, and then they "fall off the wagon with a "comment" sometimes subtly, sometimes not. Why do they think I care what they think any more then they care what I think. (Actually, here's some blow back DO NOT read Sweater Quest: The Year of Knitting Dangerously.)
  • Most importantly, Kindle or Nook?

1 comment:

kemtee said...

Floppy trade paperback with a musty smell to it.

I'm anti-electronic where books are concerned.