Monday, March 01, 2010

Showdown at ....

... high noon.

Yeah, it's been some time since I last posted. Mostly because I've been having a "time" at work. I'd love to be able to post the strum and drang here, but I'm too cognizant of the very real possibility that someone would run across this. Nothing on the innernets is private...nothing. A mantra I keep repeating to myself. Just let me say, it sucks and let to go at that.

Here's another thing that kinda sucks. My Oceania Cardigan. Why you ask? Well, the pattern sizes were cosmic in proportion. Like a medium was listed as 44 inches across the chest. Yikes!

Even though I knitted it in pieces and checked the gauge now and again, and it seemed OK-- stitched together it is 48 inches wide. Yeh, I gained 4 inches somewhere in my journey.

And take a gander at that neckline. I look like a bobblehead when I put it on. To even get to this point, I also endured all kinds of trials and tribulations. Detailed on Ravelry (the Place That Shall Not Be Named if you're Bezzie) if you'd like to bore yourself.

I would like to rip and repeat the neckband, but because the button bands were 5 stitches picked up at the top of the neckband, I'm afraid I won't know what to do with the loose and floppy stitches at the top of the button bands if I rip out the neckband. I'm thinking I could finesse it. Like put the 5 stitches on a holder and somehow knit them in with the new neckband, but dunno....any suggestions?

Here's the view of the problem area....

See to the left of the button? It so happens that red stripe is where I picked up the stitches for the button band.

Ultimately I have two choices. Give it a go, and see what happens. If the worst occurs, I'll have to reknit the neck and BOTH button bands.

Or, make it a Mother's Day gift to my mother, who would love it just as it is....I think.

Next up is the Lotus Blossom Hat from Cat Bordhi's Treasury of Magical Knitting.

(Yes--the hat is shown on a mini-basketball, and sitting on duct tape. Cut me a break.)

I don't know what goes on in Cat's brain, but it is frightening. I just couldn't get my brain around the mobius headband part, and how it could work, but damn it did. Beautifully.

I used a bulky yarn, with a similar gauge, instead of two strands of worsted, and needed less than one 165 yard skein.

To add to the fun, it is reversable. this is the "inside".

I don't know what side I like better!!

Now I'm sure that it would look even better in a semi-solid yarn, but I wanted something to blend with my Noro Scarf, and this works beautifully.

It is not a "serious" hat. It looks rather like one of those wrapped turbans one sees on elderly ladies on park benches.

As a bonus, one can bind off after the band and just have a lovely mobius headband. I'm definitely going to work up one of those. Maybe with Malabrigo.

This pattern is easy, peasy. The yarn is Ester Bitran Talinay #201 which I purchased at our LYS Super Sunday sale.

Finally, I was pretty conflicted about the gold metal hockey game. It was a great game, regardless of outcome! Ryan Miller was wonderful. But wouldn't you know...the one time I wish Crosby wouldn't score, he does. I just hope he keeps it up for the playoff run. Something you gotta understand about Pittsburgh sports, we love our players. Keep your nose clean, be a contributor, and you will always have a place in Pittsburgh's heart. Ask Plaxico. There were probably people standing in line to load the moving van when he went to NY.

And Nancy, the grading curve jokes not withstanding....that's "E" for effort. Apparently spelling isn't your strength either......

ETA (3/2): Mr. KB who is languishing at home with the flu (after getting TWO flu shots this year), tells me the Penguins are playing Buffalo tonight at the "Igloo" (Mellon Arena). So not 48 hours later it could be another Crosby/Miller dustup. ( I fully expect the Sabres to sit Miller though. He certainly deserves it. Crosby, and the other Olympians will get a hero's welcome home.)


kemtee said...

I'm oddly conflicted about the GM game. I figured we wouldn't win – too much going on in the whole scheme of things – but I still wish it had ended differently. I felt terribly for Mr. Miller and would like to state here and now that I am available to offer aid and comfort should he need any.

I think the sweater would make a lovely Mother's Day gift. Yes, you could finesse the buttonbands, but yanno – if you can live with it as is, and your mom would really appreciate a fine handmade garment, then I'd just roll with it.

Bezzie said...

Cool sweater and hat. I say leave the sweater as is. I'm a big mom-knitter myself.

Heh, funny you should mention Ryan and Plaxico in one post--they're both Michigan State boys.

Mag said...

Ah, the accursed button band, bane of finishers everywhere. I avoid them like the plague. The buttons are really beautiful.
The game was so stressful to watch I ended up with a headache. Four of my Kings got medals, gold for Doughty and silver for Brown, Johnson and Quick. Not too bad. :)