Friday, February 19, 2010

What's a gal to do?

I've been busy.

Olympic knitting? Nah...never much of a joiner and knitting is supposed to decrease my blood pressure. If I wanted to be in the Olympics, I'd pick curling. I'd be a mean sweeper!

Olympic watching? Not so much, but the hockey is starting to attract me....which brings me to the point of this.

What's a gal to do.....

Root for Team USA? Well, here we have Bugsey Malone (former Penguin), and Brooks Orpick (current Penguin and Stanley Cup Champion) and there's that nationalistic thing happening.

But how can you not root for Sid, the beloved boy captain of the Pens, and Marc Andre and Canada? (Sid was the hero last night against the Swiss). I just knew he would be.

Then there's Russia with Geno Malkin and Gonchar.....sheesh.

The Canada-USA dust up is set for Sunday. What's a girl to do?


Mag said...

I'm sticking with my tribe.
And, however did team USA put their very best goalie at #3? Young Quick of the LA Kings. I'll cheer for him like I always do, even though he'll probably not play.
Sid, well I'm not a fan. (He and his team of annihilators will probably get gold.)

kemtee said...

The Swiss game was awesome. I was not rooting for Canada.

I'm looking forward to the women's semifinals, myself. That and the Swedes vs. the Finns on Sunday night – that's always a killer game.