Friday, May 15, 2009

Some things I think, I think ...

To my friends in the San Francisco area: I'll make a deal with get Pelosi out of the Congress, and I'll work to get that old gas bag John "we're all racists" Murtha out. Granted it will be a little tougher for me because I don't live in his district. But if there is any way I can get the stupid out of the water in Altoona/Johnstown, I'll do my best.

To Janet "Memory" Pelosi from the CIA: Game on!

To the Carolina Hurricanes from our beloved Pittsburgh Penguins: Game on!

To Gary Bettman, Commissioner of the NHL: You'll never improve the visibility of the NHL if you only give playoff television rights to that bastion of ultimate cagefighting, Versus. Not even all the fans who are interested will be able to see the games. You, sir, are an incomparable idiot.

To Bottom Line Books: By now you should have heard [again] from the representative from our attorney general. Pick up the clue phone and leave us alone. Changing your "business model", from the "scam and badger" approach, might be something to consider.

To the representative from the Attorney Generals office:
You, sir, are a gentleman. I truly appreciate your time in speaking with me and helping our family. Hopefully, this will be the last time we interact, but not because you weren't anything but helpful and considerate.

To the young woman at Wegman's checkout: You really made my day yesterday. When you said you remembered me, I was worried at first. (I like paper bags--before anyone gasps, we recycle our newspapers in paper bags--for most of my groceries, and plastic for my rotisserie chicken and leaky olives. So I'm kinda a PIA.) But when I said "Oh oh." You said that you remembered me because I was so nice to you. You weren't feeling well, and that I had been really nice. Not only is that a relief, it's a little shocking what with grocery prices and all, but Wegman's is kinda easy to handle really because most of the employees are truly nice too. Thanks! I'll make sure to get your name next time. And good luck on your graduation. Much success for your future. Hope you'll be working at Wegman's for a while longer.

To Wegman's: Thanks for the cool reusable bags. Even I remember to bring them (when I don't need paper). This is my favorite, the grapes. They also have peas and a tomato print.

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kemtee said...

I want to make a LollaPelosi amigurumi voodoo doll. Except for karmic backlash, it sounds like a great idea.

Blackhawks v. Red Wings at 3pm on NBC.

I want a Wegman's. The closest one to me is Fredricksburgish.

Oh, and game on, Penguin-lover. It is, of course, Hurricane season!