Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Bottom Line Books, the sequel.

You may recall that the last time we visited the drama that is Bottom Line Books... (I keep using the entire name for a reason, I want as many hits on this phrase as possible), with the assistance of our attorney general, we got a pre-paid label to send back the "books" my MIL was sent "on approval". (The only approval we can assume here is Bottom Line Book's approval.) Well she couldn't wait to seal up that mess and send everything back. You'd think that would be the end of it, right? Au contraire...... Yesterday she received a letter that stated that she sent back ONLY ONE of the books. Those black-hearted wretches are trying to outright scam an elderly lady. I told her to ignore the letter. They are not going to do anything for a $20 (or whatever) book. But of course, being a daughter of the depression, she is "nervous". I am considering contacting the rep in the attorney general's office directly, and then filing a harassment complaint in Wright County Iowa, the "location of record" for this "business". To contact them directly means another loopy conversation with the Moonie-like (remember the Moonies?) call center operator. It appears that this is simply another part of their process. They get the books back and claim one is missing. How convenient is that? Sheesh.


Bezzie said...

your poor mil--that's a pita for anyone!

AlisonH said...

Under federal law, not just Pennsylvania, if something was mailed to you unsolicited, you own it and owe nothing. Just one response to the company is enough to show your morality in the face of their lack thereof. I love that you were able to tell it to them straight and not be hornswaggled.

I wonder if the phone person quit after that--you showed her what her employer was really like, and you made it clear, whether you intended to or not, that working there or not was a moral issue. She needed to know that.

I was once hit by a speeder whose insurance company repeatedly lied to me, and four employees quit. Good for them.