Monday, April 20, 2009

Lost is a funny word...

I actually had another post in process. And in fact it was even going to have knitting in it!

Then I was going to write about the ethereal nature of things like darning needles and tape measures. A little while ago I was waiting in the car for my husband. So I pulled out my knitting to kitchener up a seam and like magic, no needle on the end of the yarn. I know I had the needle when I left the house because I put the whole mess into a plastic bag, and stuffed it into my purse. It was lost, not in the knitting, not in my purse, not in the car. Lost. Completely.

Then I saw this:

Kay [of Mason Dixon Knitting] and Peter.

Kay doesn't know me from a cake of soap. But I feel like I know her. I know that she is generous. She's funny. She has really beautiful children. She's a talented knitter and writer. I know that she's about my age -- give or take. I assume that her husband was also her age -- give or take. Which means (sans beautiful children, generosity, knitting, writing, and being funny), we are alike in some ways. I cannot imagine what it must feel like to "lose" someone who is that close to you. I only lost a needle today. I have no idea what I would do if I lost a person I loved.

ETA: I just checked and her Peter was younger than my DH. Yikes!

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Bezzie said...

I don't read their blog--but you're right--too sad!