Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I believe in a previous post I mentioned the boomerang (personnel review) with which I was targeted. I thought I was out of "range" on Friday. But no such luck...Yeah, it came back and it hit me right in the arse. I hurled it back and I'm hoping that will be it for 2009.

I've started this post about 52 times.....There's just so many disjointed things going on that I'm only going to list the sort versions.

**Last week there was the great hew and cry about the "training video" that dissed veterans. I was stunned to learn this because I used this video last fall for a "students in distress" workshop, and used in context it was a great piece. (It was created by a group on campus that helps students, and faculty, deal with difficult and often emotional situations.) Let me make clear that I have a personal connection to veterans. I am a staunch supporter of veterans causes and affairs and I'm rather sensitive to the chilly climate vets sometimes endure. I would never have used anything that would insult someone's service. Here in the "Land of Political Correctness" that puppy had its paws vetted off. It was a vignette on a student who wanted his grade changed PERIOD END OF STATEMENT His character profile was just so the vignette would have a little interest. What happened was that some yahoo found it, took offense, ripped it off, CHANGED THE TITLE, added subtitles, and posted it. So if you saw it, unless you found it on our site (it's been pulled see Land of Political Correctness above), you saw an altered version. If you've been teaching for any length of time, and you haven't had a variation of this experience (my personal experience was almost word for word the same)then you must be teaching kindergarten.

**I keep wondering at the stupidity of this administration. OK, so we're not supposed to call people who fly planes into buildings terrorists, that 9/11 was a "man made disaster". But a memo comes out of Homeland Security (Napolitano apparently didn't read the memo, though she signed off on it --she was "briefed", her word), that calls veterans and people in right to life groups possible "terrorists". So the only thing I can infer from this is that it is acceptable to call our own citizens terrorists, but not the people who actually engineer "man made disasters". Even typing this is weird and confusing.

**I am a "twit" because I don't "Tweet". And I really don't care what you're thinking or doing at any particular moment of the day. I am an "ambivalent networker". Go read it, it's good.

I'm coming to the realization that Facebook, Twitter, and the one that simply pushed me over the cliff 12 Seconds TV (it's just what it sounds like--video Twitter), are obliterating the way humans communicate, and not in a good way. I have friends who now communicate ONLY through these mechanisms - one or two sentence "status updates". We used to communicate by actually constructing paragraphs, not to mention speaking to each other, no longer. I want to know about the context of your life, I don't much care that you're "a blue crayon" or "I'm loving this weather" two actual comments from my Facebook friends. Ugh. I guess I'm just not worth the effort anymore to actually initiate a few paragraphs, privately when you can communicate with all your peeps and get lots of inane responses in return.

**Which brings me to...NO FINISHED OBJECTS. I am so totally jealous of all the blogs I see that show items with lots of progress, and some that have finished items every week. I've been working on the Lace Ribbon scarf simply forever. Probably because I only work on it at lunch. It is a long bugger. It is also now a little too big for a purse project, but I'm at about the 70 inch mark and I want to finish it. I'm trying to practice project monogamy to get this outta here. And it will make my "Wrap Me Up" group feel better when I'm not so very far ahead anymore.

I'm on the second Embossed Leaves sock. I love the pattern, but not the yarn I'm using in the pattern. I thought the shorter color runs would make for a more interesting pattern. But nope. And I'm afraid I'm not one of those OCKs (Obsessive Compulsive Knitters) who unravel finished pieces. They're socks people!! I'll wear them on my feet.

There is one blog I read that has several finished objects every week. But I finally realized that the knitter: 1) knits cowls out the wazoo; 2) uses sport weight for socks. So, I'm going to start a cowl with cashmere/silk tomorrow.

Stay tuned...I'm not finished with my "stories" yet.


Bezzie said...

I'll cop to admitting I got hooked in Facebook when I was on maternity leave--but I think it was mainly because I was craving adult contact. Now that I'm back in the real world, if Facebook exploded tomorrow, I'd be just fine with that. And Twitter? I just don't "get" it. Why does anyone give two squirts what I'm doing every minute of the day?

kemtee said...

I've decided that I'm anti-tweet. I just don't have the time to be that interesting. Nor the energy.

Pfah on PC and DHS. I'm over it. So I'm suspect. Meh.