Monday, April 16, 2007

This was going to be about knitting....

I have pictures, I really do! But early this morning, my husband sent me a breaking news story about a shooting at VA Tech. At that point in time, there was one confirmed death.

I've just gotten back from lunch and now there are 32 dead! As you all can guess from my location, we work on a college campus. A very large college campus. We have our share of people who are mentally ill and some just general crazies. And like most college campuses, it would not be hard for someone with a "hitch in their giddiup" to wreck havoc. We had such a person in the late nineties. She was psychotic and off her meds and brought a high powered rifle to campus. One person shot and injured and one killed. It was a horrible event. It occurred right across the street from my husband's office, and he often walked that way. I later learned that I had probably passed this individual on my way to my building. She was carrying a backpack (with a rifle inside). She blended in so well, I hadn't even noticed her.

Now VA makes my blood run cold. College campuses by design are open. I cannot imagine how, either technically or philosophically, it could be otherwise. But we walk around every day without fear.

How do we do that?

My heart goes out to the family and friends of the people who are hurt and killed. I cannot imagine.

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