Monday, March 06, 2006

Ever have one of those lives?

You think everything is going along pretty much normally, then karma, or something equally sneaky, comes in to bite you on the behind.

Husband and I were supposed to be going to the 'Burgh this weekend to see a ballet. I've been a season ticket holder for years, but this year, I've not been able to get to many of the performances. Here in Happy Valley, it is spring break--students are non-existant, so restaurants are quiet, traffic is low, it is quite nice. So what happens... my dearest gets a toothache. Now, unfortunately he is one of those poor folks who didn't get a good roll of the dental dice, but we have a good dentist, and all has been well for quite a while so this hit him out of the blue. He had an "emergency" root canal last evening, and this morning is in some dreadful pain. No ballet for him. So it is up to me to I turn the tickets back and stay home? Try to find someone in the extended family who isn't busy this weekend? Find two someones in the extended family to give the tickets to? Sigh. It's always something.

So yesterday, I'm busily working on socks to take to my mom in two weeks. I needed a sock break so having exchanged some of the cotton from my frogged Cozy, for a darker shade I begin to cast on for the Via diagonale . Casting on is not my favorite part of the knitting process, but last night I don't know what I was thinking. I cast on and began to knit. I noticed at the end of the first patterned round that I had an extra stitch. Oh well, it was just a miscount right? On the next round I purled two together, and that took care of the extra stitch. On the third round where the pattern really begins to emerge, I'm knitting along fine, when I realize I won't be able to finish a repeat of the pattern......What's going on here?!! Well, as you can all assume what went on is that I couldn't count, or add........So here we are again...... sigh.

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