Monday, October 28, 2013

I'm shooting for a posting a month....

It has been an incredibly busy month....not with work, but I. TOOK. A. REAL. VACATION. Last year our vacation was ab-ended by the passing of my beloved MIL. We were really looking forward to this year. What did we do? Whatever we felt like. Whenever we felt like it. For me that meant yarn shopping, reading, knitting, drinking/tasting wine, walking in the woods. For him that meant watching sports, and sports talk shows, sleeping late, drinking/tasting wine and walking in the woods. Please notice only two of those overlapped. Barely noticed. It was blissful. If we didn't feel like doing something we had tentatively planned...we didn't. What a concept!

But now I'm back and here's what I'm thinkin':

  • This administration makes Nixon, Haldeman, look like Michael the Archangel, the seraphim, and cherubim. Who'da thunk it. Apparently, it's OK to outright lie - if it suits your agenda, it's dandy to not be accountable FOR. ANYTHING. (where the hell DOES that buck stop?), and whatever happens--blame someone else.
  • The shock of the voters who put this obfuscater in office is really humorous. It would be more humorous if we all weren't paying for it.
  • I worry that there are more dupes in the electorate just waiting to be harvested....
  • We are re-watching the 80's SciFi "opera" Babylon 5, and I am stunned that it feels like we are living a real version of Babylon 5. In one season 3 episode ISN (Inter Stellar Network) news "came back on the air" making excuses for the [corrupt] government  and claiming they (ISN) were sabotaged by extremists. Life is now imitating art.
As a palate cleanser, a(nother) Christmas gift, finished:

 These are Retro Rib socks from Favorite Socks. They are done in Dream in Color, Smooshy, Blue Lagoon.A lovely yarn that has been marinating in my stash for practically ever.

 I include this daylight photo, for a better, but not perfect, representation of the color. My sister is on a rowing team and asked for warm socks. The Schuylkill gets cold in the winter apparently. Her "team" colors include turquoise. This is actually has more green in it than it shows here.

Hidden Valley I miss you!

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Chrisknits said...

I just want to cry and then I tell myself to stop reading blogs and news! But, I need to stay informed, so I keep going back. Yippee for vacations!