Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm still here...

... but I've been busy. First weekend of June, I spent here......

That's a paddle boat on the Mississippi. Need another hint?

This is on Chartres Street I think. The weather was HOT and HUMID. OK one more hint

I got to hear Preservation Hall right in Preservation Hall......

Yup, I "conferenced" in New Orleans. I was so excited. I had to prepare a presentation, and that was really stressful, but I was thrilled to be able to visit the "home" of jazz. I tried to get my husband to come, but it turned out I was glad he didn't/couldn't. He would not have been, not at all. As I said it was hot and humid, and well, let's just say it made the French Quarter, where I was staying, "fragrant". The streets were kinda not well kept (some of the restaurants and shops seemed to just stick their garbage cans and bags out in front on the sidewalks), and many of the shops were well....seedy. I don't know if this is a post Katrina effect or not. One could still see renovations and reconstruction all over. Between the heat and the messiness, and the crowds he would have been miserable.

I loved the people. They are funny and warm and friendly. Maybe it's a southern thing. When I arrived it was around 3:00 pm NOLA time, and I hadn't eaten since the morning. I knew I had a plenary session at 5:00 - 6:30, so it would be a long time to dinner. So I hit the hotel bar and ordered a pound of shrimp and a glass of chardonnay for late lunch. BEST. SHRIMP. EVER! When the bartender asked if I wanted a second glass, I declined telling him I was still "on the clock". He chuckled and said "You're a woman after my own heart. Nothing better, than a glass of wine and steamed shrimp in the afternoon, when you're still on the clock." Everyone I met was like that. At first, to a chilly Yankee, it's a little off-putting, but it's easy to get used to. What was different about the residents, then other southern cities I've visited,
was the energy. Despite the weather, they're fast! They drive like bats outta hell, and they don't seem to have that slow stroll. It's too bad that the streets are filled with crazy tourists. Oh yeah....I've also become an oyster fan....ummmmmm.

And this is my next career....seen outside the St. Louis Cathedral (oldest operating Catholic cathedral in the US). Can you say mixed messages? (Looks just like me.....)

Oh yeah, and there was the yarn.......more about that next time.

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Chrisknits said...

We went ages ago, maybe mid 80's, in April one year. Not so hot, and not at all too seedy. The weddings being pushed through the cathedral was hilarious. One getting ready to go in the church, one just got out and taking photos, and one waiting to get going. It was probably hard to keep track of which wedding party you were supposed to be with! LOL.