Tuesday, October 02, 2012

It's been a while.

Like months awhile. I wish I knew why, but most likely because I'm just baffled and disheartened. This country is in the worst shape it's been in since I've been an adult. There is real data all over the place that illustrates it. Yet, stubbornly, 40some percent of the country seems to think that the policies that are being put forth are not to blame.

It's pretty simple for me. The presidency is a performance based business. If the guy we hired isn't performing....pink slip. And it's more than just not performing. It's that the policies going forward have no hope of succeeding and every indication of making it worse. How can I say that? Because they've made it desperately worse, not better...not even slightly better. Not even light at the end of the tunnel (that's probably a train) better. But apparently that's OK with the folks who are too busy watching Dancing with the Stars and Hell's Kitchen.

And to everyone who wants to tell me that "things were worse than they thought, so it needs more work", well I have one thing to say. PROVE IT. Show me some data that will prove that simply allowing our very flexible economy to recover on it's own wouldn't have been a better, more cost effective, option and I might consider this contention. As opposed to incurring a 16 Trillion debt that reaped nothing of value. I'd love to see someone do that.

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kemtee said...

I wish I had something positive to offer. All I can say is I'm hoping for a minor miracle. That might be the start of making things slightly better….