Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Hit and run ...


Here is where we were  a week ago Saturday:

Fort Ligonier

Please notice the blue skies and sunny weather.

This was this past Saturday:

Yeah, snow. Heavy wet, snow. It wasn't the earliest that we've gotten snow like this, but jeepers. It just wasn't fair. I was so glad we sold our tickets to the football game.

There's lots more about Fort Ligonier that I will save for a future post. The hair on the back of my neck stood straight up at the sight of original George Washington journal entries. And his saddle pistols.....!! I had no idea I was a history geek, but there you have it.

While I had the time I finally finished the languishing Leyburn Socks.

Please ignore the fancy pj bottoms....it's still cold here.

Zitron Trekking Pro-Natura
Lovely yarn. Has bamboo in it.
Pattern needed reworking (details here), and I had to fuss with the slip stitch pattern too much to make it worth my while to knit again. Another reason why they languished. They are very pretty though.

In addition to the socks, I also finished ANOTHER father-in-law knit cap (his favorite) this time in blue multi, and a neck warmer for my mother-in-law. Photos soon.

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Chrisknits said...

Is the fort near the city of the same name? Were you close to Kathy's shop? I love her stuff! A friend lives near Pittsburgh and gets there to knit with friends. Jealous!