Monday, January 24, 2011

The best compliment ...

... a knitter can get is when someone ASKS for MORE of her/his hand knits....don'tcha think?

Well it happened twice to me recently.

Over the holiday my sister-in-law asked if she should wash and dry one of the knit caps I made for my father-in-law. He's 90 and always cold, and wears little knit watchcaps in the house. Well he's been wearing the one I made for him two years ago, and well it's stretched and worn out. (Never mind that I made him a "Turn a Square" last year, and an Israeli soldier watch cap this year. You know old guys...creatures of habit.) On the way home, I mentioned to my husband that I probably had some of that gray yarn around and could make a duplicate. He suggested a black and gold Steeler version. And while we were on the subject he wanted ANOTHER pair of Fuzzy Feet, in Steeler black and gold, only more gold. (I made him a predominantly black pair in 2005.) So I did what any good knitter does. I immediately ordered yarn for these two items.

And yesterday this is what my morning looked like:

A cup of blueberry tea, and my father-in-law's Steeler cap in progress.

Finished!!! Just in time... wear for the Super Bowl.

Can't do better than that!! Fuzzy Feet will be in progress soon...but husband has black and gold handknit socks to wear on the big day. Not rushing the Fuzzy Feet.


Kaye said...

Nice hat!
Would have looked better in green and white though ;-)

Wuhahahaha! My word verification is "revis"! How appropriate!

Chrisknits said...

It will actually be a green and gold day, so why bother!!! The Pack is Back!

Cindy in Happy Valley said...

Ahhh yes...the venerable Packers. A worthy franchise and opponent.

Those of us who have spend time, sometimes a lifetime, in the Steel City...just smile.

kemtee said...

It's 'cause you're awesome.

And it is going to be a great football day.